Birthday working

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by GrumbleWeed, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. As i am now a step nearer 30, i have spent my cheerful day in prison. Anyways- i have now escaped and am going for a few too many beers.

    Whats the worst place you have spent a birthday?
  2. Happy Birthday Grumble
  3. Happy McBirthday.

    There'd better be cake. It's only polite.
  4. Spent my 29th birthday on the Kuwait/Iraq border in 2003, oh what joy!
  5. I spent my 8th birthday being passed arround my old mans friends... dont get me wrong that bit was great... i just would have prefered sponge cake to a bombay roll :D
  6. 21st birthday as guard commander on a (dry) Hull Rotterdam ferry taking a TA brigade to ARRCADE F*ckup

    24th at JapBat in Iraq
  7. 18th birthday, got charged for failure to attend a parade. Got 7 days ROP's, starting that night, my 18th, and had to clean the gym changing room floors with a toothbrush. 21st was in Belize, and a whole different story :D
  8. Worst place for a Birthday?
    My office at the firm.. TODAY!
    afternoon's going really slow, can not wait to get out... 2 hrs 10 mins to go!!!
  9. Hohne 1996 Minus 17 outside knee deep in snow and only one in the block during christmas/new year got shafted the following year and spent a similar birthday in Fally :evil: fcuking soul destroying being in the block yourself mind you did get a shag out of it :p
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Flying into Basra for the start of a tour...
  11. Spent my 18th Birthday going accross the water on the Sir Galahad for my first of many NI tours.Anybody remember Glassmullen camp in Andytown.?
    ??.(July 74).
  12. 18th Birthday spent in trade training.

    21st Birthday spent in a fcuking airport-cheers Ryanair you bunch of cnuts
  13. Spent my 18th at ATR Winchester and my 21st and my dads 42nd on the same shite hole middle eastern border but in Feb 1991. Fun, wasn't it? :)
  14. Will be spending my 40th doing the same mate!!!
  15. My 21st was spent with work colleagues who booked me a surprise night out....... small theatre in middle of Great Barr with Jimmy Cricket as the main act..... :cry:

    Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Grumbles xxxxxxx