Birthday prezzie suggestion for fat Scouse ex- Tankie

Discussion in 'RAC' started by postman_twit, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Father-in-law descibed above. :twisted:

    Interests are beer, gee gees and Liverpool FC. A lapdance would kill him!

    Please restrict suggestions to the following ratio:

    1 sensible to 3 piss takes

    Ta very muchly,

  2. Crank_Arms

    Crank_Arms Clanker

    Anything nicked should be appropriate :D
  3. A Gastric band!
  4. sillyboy

    sillyboy Crow

    A black curly wig, fake tash and an Austin Allegro ? :D

    (Seriously though, there is a memoribilia shop in Manchester that does cracking prints of teams with screen printed signitures)
  5. zubrzycki

    zubrzycki War Hero

    a set of gloves, a balaclava and a tool fine ejusting.
  6. Gracie

    Gracie War Hero

    If he is from Liverpool get him tickets for The Grand National its only a few weeks away...
  7. zubrzycki

    zubrzycki War Hero

    damn. you beat me... fine then get him a pen..
  8. Cheers Reni, gud one :cheers:
  9. That would be spot on. He only lives a couple of miles from Aintree. Cheers :)
  10. redsquirrel

    redsquirrel War Hero

    1. New shell-suit
    2. Elizabeth Duke gift voucher
    3. Xenical (available over the counter soon)
    4. Michael Jackson's Complete guide to single malt scotch whiskey if he likes reading and whiskey.
  11. Not strictly in keeping with your desired ratio of serious:piss-taking,

    Season ticket for Goddison Park?
  12. sillyboy

    sillyboy Crow

    Ill get the contact details from you rthis afternoon. Ill PM it.
  13. I'll say it as no one else has
    One of my commissioned pictures of him?
  14. western

    western Crow

  15. To all posters. Some great suggestions, thank you. By my reckoning the final ratio was about 1:2!