Birthday Nightmares

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Moodybitch, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Right, it's my birthday in a weeks time and the other half has just phoned and excitedly told me he is booking me a sky dive as my present - before erupting into fits of laughter.

    His mate is part of a display team and has organised for me to do a tandem - well thanks a fcuking lot!

    I promptly told him if he gets me that as my present he will be sleeping back in the mess accom.

    I am now being told by everyone to stop being a pussy and just gerron with it.

    Firstly, how bloody high will it be?

    And anyone else got some experiences of absolutely awful presents they have received in the past?
  2. I did a tandem jump last year at Netheravon and enjoyed it - why don't you tell him the idea of being strapped to a cute young bloke is a real turn on (bloke I jumped with was actually quite cute)?

    Maybe tell him a friend has told you to make sure you are strapped to John......................your other half may change his view of the wisdom of his present............
  3. Do they make parachutes that big?
  4. Good idea Pops, but how high will it be from?

    If the jump is with freefalling you will exit the plane at about 10.000 feet have a freefall to 5.000 and then the chute opens.

    I performed my first static line jumps three weeks ago with an exit at 3.600 feet and it was real fun.

    In my group was a young lady. Before her first jump she was extremely nervous but after she landed safely she shouted out" WOW - that was better than an orgasm!". We all laughed except her boyfriend.
  6. I think was about 1000 feet - anyway it was high!

    Is it netheravon you are going to?
  7. I've been thinking about skydiving as well, let me know how it goes Moody, I've started saving for my jumps already.

    (Now i'v just got to get the weight down to 15 stone :wink: )
  8. Anytime I have been FF, and there has been tandem jumpers in the aircraft, they have normally exited between 10 & 12k. As Tiffy says, is there a chute big enough, I was thinking more along the lines of a Hot air ballon. :lol:
  9. I've seen you Moody and If that was the threat i bet he booked it toot sweet :twisted: :lol:

    You'll be a fookin long way up and screamin all the way down :):):)
  10. I think you may have misread this one a bit, its a special birthday present alright!! ask him if its going to be filmed.
  11. As I fcuking hate heights I'd take a gift of a parachute jump from Mrs. Veg as nothing less than a declaration of war and impending divorce.

    My missus is utterly shite at buying me birthday presents. I, OTOH, am utterly brilliant at showering her with well-chosen, expensive treats. She thinks this is very funny.

    Ah, the year I got an alarm clock for my birthday. Or the diary (in a sale) that was already four months old. The memorable pair of grey espadrilles was another marriage-threatening insult.

    So I have a birthday present nightmare once a year. Every year. Bi-yatch.

  12. Yes it is
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Moody, as Filbert reckons you've probably misread/misheard your bloke, he didn't say 'tandem' but 'tag-team.'

    But I'm chuffed it's being filmed, send me a copy eh ?
  14. Been there done that!

    This is defo a TANDEM!
  15. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Have you noticed lots and lots of carriage clocks around the house from life assurance firms? 8O