Birthday ideas

Just a quick question, I want to organise a day out in London for my other half for his birthday. Hopefully we'll include some cool stuff that we would never normally do. Any ideas/previous experience??
Thanks guys, the ice bar looks great, I'm pretty confident that will feature! We have to stay fairly close to London really. Keep the ideas coming!

He's in to most things!
The Church best W/E and Sunday. AMEN!

Used to get in free with MOD 90.
One of the special trips on the London Eye e.g. for Halloween, they are doing a 'Spooky Flight'
A Duck Tour on the Thames
A personal shopper at his favourite store to buy his present
Having dinner at the Chef's Table at a restaurant - many of the good restaurants do this at no or a little extra cost and you eat at a special table, usually in the kitchen so you can watch your meal (and everyone elses) being cooked
the cheap romantic idea, sitting watching the sun go down from the top of Primrose Hill whilst swigging a chilled bottle of decent champagne


Boogie said:
eggnog said:
Take him to a lap dancing club.
Agreed took my chap to Spearmint Rhinos and picked a girl I knew he would fancy the arse off to give him a dance, very erotic for both of us.
Your other half is one very lucky bloke !!
Jeez, when i was married, the thought of that happening was just always that.....a thought !!
there is a nice restaurant near covent garden called Belgo. quite trendy not too expensive, good food and more importantly hundreds of different beers. enjoy.

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