Birthday Honours

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Danny_Dravot, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. A hearty well done to you all:


    Major David ALLEN
    Major Darren Nicholas CORRIE
    Major Jason Paul DONNACHIE
    Major Michael John FORD
    Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Paul HUMPHERSON
    Captain Anthony Thomas Gibbs RAVERA
    Major Ian David SCATTERGOOD
    Warrant Officer Class 1 Tracey Anne STEVENS
    Major Colin WHITWORTH


    Major Michael BRADLEY TD
  2. Not sure of any of there names but Im sure well earned by those recieving them and all the lads and lasses who have worked with/for them.
  3. Anyone got a link to the full military honours list?
  4. Sorry missing the point,

    Remind me what did these people get the birthday honors for?, doing their jobs?
  5. Capt J B Hendreson 7 SCOTS(Ne 51st Highland)...was awarded the MBE two weeks ago at the palace
    from the New years list.

    He was my old PLT commander an I was his PLT SGT/CSGT (13 PLT then Recce)
    Also the Coy Commander of a Coy- (2 PLT's and HQ) with 51st HIGHLAND on FINGAL 4

    He is now posted to Chillwell on FTRS (Welfare Officer)

    Well done Boss all the boys of the Old 13 are very proud!
  6. Yeah OK he was your boss, so what did he do that was above the NORM????
  7. I think your after the 'Just TAs' forum!
  8. Good point this is RLC thread,never noticed the header....Oh just for the record he's the guys who Deals/Tracks the well being of every TA or Reg Reserve who returns from Op's wounded (Phis/Mental)...He rebuilt the system which was in need of major revamp to deal with the amount troops now on task.(a work in progress!).......Think it would be "Infantry" than Just TA.......As he is on FTRS!
  9. If you think honours are for nothing, why do you not have one?

    I find your failure to identify with honour concerning. Why are you in the Army? You are in the Army, aren't you?
  10. There isn't much listed for TELIC or HERRICK.

    I was expecting a few guys to have bravery awards etc - unless there is a different list and I have been looking at the wrong one.
  11. MBE is for doing a job extremely well, in difficult circumstances or agianst prevailing opposition. They are very difficult to get and the process that is applied to themworks well to ensure that only genuinely worthy folk get them It is not bad and frankly all those awarded should be congratulated, whatever they did they did well.
  12. Sammy, they tend to come out on the various Operational Honours lists.

    Birthday & Christmas are usually reserved for non-operational achievements
  13. Jonny, bet your loads of fun at a party :D :D
  14. JBB, you are missing the point by a long way.