Birthday Honours List

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Courtesy of Auntie - Congratulations to all mentioned:

    As Knight Grand Cross
    General Sir Nicholas HOUGHTON, KCB CBE ADC Gen, late The Green Howards
    As Knight Commander
    Lieutenant General Barnabas William Benjamin WHITE–SPUNNER, CBE, late The Blues
    and Royals (Royal Horse Guards and Dragoons)
    As Companions
    Lieutenant General Andrew John Noble GRAHAM, CBE, late The Argyll and Sutherland
    Major General Robert Adam Mungo Simpson MELVIN, OBE, late Corps of Royal Engineers
    Major General Martin John RUTLEDGE, OBE, late 9th/12th Royal Lancers
    As Commanders
    Brigadier Alan Douglas Campbell CLACHER, OBE, late The Royal Logistic Corps
    Brigadier Simon David HUTCHINSON, MBE, late The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment
    Brigadier Jolyon Thomas JACKSON, late The Royal Green Jackets
    Major General Alan Drury MACKLIN, Corps of Royal Engineers
    Brigadier Tyrone Richard URCH, OBE, late Corps of Royal Engineers
    Brigadier David Gordon WILSON, late Adjutant General’s Corps (Educational and Training
    Services Branch)
    As Officers
    Colonel Alexander ALDERSON, MBE, late The Highlanders
    Acting Colonel David Ian FULLER, Humberside and North Yorkshire Army Cadet Force
    Colonel Timothy David HYAMS, late The Royal Dragoon Guards
    Lieutenant Colonel Max Henry Wilfred JOY, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical
    Lieutenant Colonel George Alexander MACINTOSH, Welsh Guards
    Colonel David James McARTHUR, TD, late Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps,
    Territorial Army
    Lieutenant Colonel John Robert MEAD, Royal Regiment of Artillery
    Acting Colonel John Wesley NICHOLL, TD, 2nd (Northern Ireland) Battalion Army Cadet
    Lieutenant Colonel David Robert ORR EWING, MBE, The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    Lieutenant Colonel Mark Craig PROCTOR, Intelligence Corps
    Colonel Michael Gerard REDMOND, late Royal Regiment of Artillery
    Lieutenant Colonel James Michael RYAN, Royal Army Medical Corps, Territorial Army
    Major William John STRICKLAND, The Queen’s Royal Hussars
    Colonel James Medley WOODHAM, MC, The Royal Anglian Regiment
    As Members
    Major Guy Justin BOXALL, Corps of Royal Engineers
    Major Nicholas Patrick BRADY, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Major George Henry BRISCOE, The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment
    Lieutenant Colonel Jason Anthony John CALDER, The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    Major Christopher William CARTER, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, Territorial Army
    Major Robert James CHRISTOPHER, Royal Regiment of Artillery
    Major Neil Robert COATSWORTH, Royal Corps of Signals
    Major Nicholas James COWEY, Royal Tank Regiment
    Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Ann DALLYN, Royal Corps of Signals
    Warrant Officer Class 1 Claire Louise DAVIES, Intelligence Corps
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Andrew Robin Craig FAUPEL, The Royal Anglian Regiment
    Major Jeremy Charles FISHER, The Blues and Royals (Royal Horse Guards and Dragoons)
    Major James Sneyd FOTHERINGHAM, Sussex Army Cadet Force
    Major Francis Joseph GARGAN, The Parachute Regiment
    Captain Derek John GREGORY, The Royal Logistic Corps, Territorial Army
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Lloyd Ian HAMILTON, Corps of Royal Engineers
    Captain Peter Joseph HATTON, Royal Corps of Signals
    Major Simon Neale HAW, Corps of Army Music
    Lieutenant Colonel Neville Robert HOLMES, The Rifles
    Major Edward Richard JAMES, Corps of Royal Engineers
    Major Daniel Owen Woolgar JARVIS MP, The Parachute Regiment
    Major Philip Anthony KEETLEY, The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    Lance Corporal Ambarbahadur KHADKA, The Royal Gurkha Rifles
    Major James John Stanley LANE, The Royal Dragoon Guards
    Captain Alain Roger LEPAGE, The Royal Logistic Corps, Territorial Army
    Major Andrew David LIGHTFOOT, Royal Regiment of Artillery
    Warrant Officer Class 2 James Martin McCONNELL, Irish Guards
    Chaplain to the Forces 3rd Class Padre Philip John McCORMACK, Royal Army Chaplains’
    Major Rachael Louise PARR, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Captain Trevor Gilbert PERSSE, Royal Regiment of Artillery, Territorial Army
    Captain Mark Alan PLEDGER, Intelligence Corps
    Major Benedict Peter Norman RAMSAY, Welsh Guards
    Lieutenant Colonel Helen Jane SINGH, TD, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps,
    Territorial Army
    Major Mark Stanley John STEVENTON, The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment
    Warrant Officer Class 1 Paul David SYMNS, The Rifles
    Major Stephen John TAYLOR, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment
    Major Clare Alexandra WATERWORTH, Adjutant General’s Corps (Royal Military Police)
    Second Class
    Sergeant Lindsay DEVONPORT, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Dale Anthony HOLLEY, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment,
    Territorial Army
    Major Robert George ROGERS, The Royal Anglian Regiment, Territorial Army
    Lieutenant Colonel Aidan Michael Gerard SMYTH, TD, Corps of Royal Engineers, Territorial
    Colonel Raymond Kenji WILKINSON, TD, late Royal Corps of Signals, Territorial Army
    Major Christine WOODROW, Adjutant General’s Corps (Staff and Personnel Support
    Branch), Territorial Army
  2. Hearty congratulations to those not mentioned (a certain MSM winner who already holds the MBE). Thoroughly well deserved mate!
  3. Need some advice and it seems you maybe the one to help. Was told on friday last from my CO that i had been awarded the MSM in the Queens birthday honours list. Is there a site where this is published as obviously it does not appear on the main honours list. Not that i dont believe my CO but would rather see it in print before letting friends and family know.....if you could steer me in the right direction i would be grateful
  4. Congrats, bloody well done! Just pmd my mate but he was out celebrating last night so he may not reply immediately. I'll pm you with details when he does.

    However the answer is below!
  5. Guys.........Thanks for the heads always ARRSE members are the diamonds in a sea of coal
  6. Fairmaidofperth. Just got back on line ...thanks for your msx.....yes if you could send me the MSM list that would be great...cant find it anywhere......cheers
  7. I would leave it a couple of weeks and use the advanced search. Alternatively go to a Military Library and trawl the latest editions. It will be in there somewhere. Mine was listed in a 2005 online edition of the London Gazette.
  8. By far the easiest way to find a relevant entry is to key in your regimental number into the search function...
  9. Cheers for the steer afghanman much appreciated.
  10. well done all, I'm sure most of them drove their blokes hard in order to get their MBE
  11. Should be in your inbox.
  12. Pronto57. Congratulations on your award.