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Birthday Honours 2020

And while I’m at it, if we take the criteria that seems to be applied to recipients of MBEs then every bloke who ever stagged on in a FOB should get one. And I speak as someone with similar undeserved recognition, and having written up several recipients of said awards.

Well get your pen out and write me up for services to morale. All this bunch of cünts do is laugh at me, they must be very happy.
It was ever thus in the HO, although I know a few former Cussies who have received a gong.
A few probably being the operative word. 22 years my word. The year I had 22 years under my belt I was due an extra 10 days leave. That year everyone got the same leave as a starter. I got to 25 and they told me to apply for either a clock or a blankety blank pen to celebrate.

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
It's ancient history BL, no one cares. The Army has an institutional memory of 10 years. That makes you 34 years out-of-date.

I'm still doing stuff with the Army which makes me very much up to date.

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
.. besides you seem very much to care. Sleep well.


Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
I don't care about you personally - why would I? But I do care that you seem to have set yourself up as some sort of contemporary authority on an institution in which you are no longer serving.

You don't need to know.
How about there’s no military division whatsoever?

if military people want to do something extra to their career, such as charity endeavours, then they should be recognised for that along the same lines of civilians. Honours for doing your military job, is bollocks.
I agree, but I'd turn your argument on its head.

Plenty of military ppl do extraordinary things and well above what they're expected to do such as improving the lot of our ppl, delivering on operations, saving money, improving the organisation etc. There is no other way to reward our ppl apart from MS and H&S - we can't give bonuses or pay rises.

I object to the military division being used for discretionary endeavours such as community & charity work or sport/AT achievements, invariably using military resources to pursue them (eg, time, money, brand). These should go through the civil division.

If explained with the full context of doing this as part of their day job (ie being given time off or using the organisation to support their projects) they will rarely compete with the civilian division. ie, the woman who had fostered 500 disadvantaged kids in Tottenham versus the Ice Maidens who were given 12 months off work and full sponsorship for a jolly hockey sticks long walk.


Not enough.
Winston Kodogo could get a knighthood for services to blackness, and still be folk moaning not enough is being done for the 'community'.
In fact, I'm surprised the various factions haven't called for the stripping of honours of many previous recipients, because 'he is a racist'.

Is it not a double edged sword bouncing of his shoulders
A knighthood as all honours are reflective of a colonial past.
He gets knighted and he's accepting a racist award linked to the slave trade or will be shortly
Baron Botham of Brexit has taken his seat in the HoL.Shame nobody has nominated Sir Keer.Baron Stammer of Hindsight sounds good to me.

Now he’s a lord, does this mean he can’t knock fück out of Ian Chappel any more?

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