Birthday Girl

Cait thought she could let her Birthday slip by without mention, thinking I might forget and not make a fuss..

Fat chance.

Since she joined she's bought a breath of fresh air to the NAAFI (cunningly disguised in a farty vapour cloud) For those new to the site, click her username and have a flick through her posts......

I could go on about how fit and tasty she is, how clever and classy she is, how blonde and tall and elegant she is...... but I'll save that for when I'm knocking one out later :D

Just a quick note to wish her a very happy 25th Birthday, and if you happen to lob your hubby off a mountain over the weekend, do give me a call...... i'd love to give the drawstring on your hoop a good yank and get you well and truly up the duff :D

Happy Birthday to you
Can I lick cake from your Floo
And scoff the sweetcorn from your poo
before boning you until you go blue
filling you with my special love glue

Happy Birthday Treacle, hope its a good one x
Happy Birthday Cait!!

MDN - do you have photos of Cait anywhere...sounds quite nice :D
Happy Birthday dear Cait
Can I lick your sweet date
With you can i mate
or on me just fellate
With you let me plate
Until I blow my beans all over the place :D
for her birthday cait asked for a

"distressed look, antique leather bag with a large internal capacity, loose rear opening and pull over flaps with a clasp fastening"

but apparently Dale is busy this weekend :D

happy birthday to you

i want to skiff you

i've rummaged in my hampers

and i'm loaded with poo
[/quote]I could go on about how fit and tasty she is, how clever and classy she is, how blonde and tall and elegant she is......
Is it just me who finds it hard to reconcile that description with her, frankly, wickedly depraved posts? :lol:

Excellent skills, have a great birthday Cait.
25 my ringpiece. She's 35 if she's a day.

Happy birthday you gripper. As you're a Leo I'm afraid we're not compatible because Scorpios are too deep for you, therefore I wont be walking into the factory (where you work putting the blue pants on action man) in my best uniform before whisking you up in my arms and striding off into the sunset (well, wheeling you out in your chair and spoon feeding you a fish supper down Dizzie's Chippy) like you asked.


Kit Reviewer
Happy Birfdee Cait

Can you, on this very special day, get your luvverlyjubblies out and post ASAP
Happy Birthday Cait!!!!!!!!!!
What is it with tall fuffing blondes being born in cluster groups???

Great I got the short fat month of October then! :?

Happy Birthday skinny blonde pretty biatch! :D Hope it's a good one ;)

Beebs x
Dale the snail said:
Happy Birthday Cait!!!!!!!!!!

and Happy Birthday Dale!
'appy burfday to cait
'ppy burfday to cait
Wham bam a loobam, whop dobbie do wah with a whim flim bim toooooo CAAAAAAAAAIT

BURFDAY girl CAIT...innit
Have a good 'un


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