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Birthday Girl For Sale, bit Moody, the Auld Bitch! ;-)

10 guineas , and could you wrap her in Reger please?

Only Baby oil is a bit slippy on the way home :D

Oh , don't forget the steel-tipped stilettoes.

Yum-yum grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
scarletto said:
What do you get the woman who has had everyone for her birthday?

Ummmm no idea, but happy birthday you semi-old woman :D :D
Hmmmmm......... I take it in your world a semi is small, pink, wrinkled and floppy if you think 42 is semi-old it is!

Beebs :D
Happy birthday Moody, I'm prepared to believe you're still under thirty, but can I saw your head off and count the rings, just to be sure.

"Trust but verify!" :wink:

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