Birthday at basic

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bataz, May 24, 2009.

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  1. my birthday will be 4-5 weeks into cic catterick, who thinks i should metion it while there ?? :D
  2. Go for it - your DS will probably give you a day off.
  3. Bollocks... Tell him you want the day off...
  4. my 18th was the day i deployed on final ex.
    most guys get smashed and get laid and go to strip clubs on their significant birthdays. tabbing through brecon was not the way i had imagined spending it.
  5. I heard they ordered in cake for you but they could only do so in a foil package for logistical reasons :wink:
  6. My 18th coincided with repeated parades up to 11pm when at 11 sigs. I got back to my room, unopened mail, I had prompted parents not to send anything. A4 jiffy bag containing a large bag of maltesers, card said, Love Mum XXX
  7. Suck it up. I was in Kosovo for my 21st. My Sqn was doing a charity event, I saw the my birthday in on a rowing machine. The up side was that my troop did the most distance and got 7 crates of Amstel as a prize.
  8. Spent most of my birthday just gone in Doha airport going home on R+R due to major delays. Thanks RAF! And thanks for being perfectly on time flying back to the hellhole.
  9. spent my 18th on the praries of good ol canadia!!!! slopping up compo for the life guards!!! was the bestest birthday fcuk
  10. Woke up on my 21st on Queens Guard, in Tower of London. Came off that afternoon though, so not too bad...
  11. Spent my 18th in Battlecamp at Sennybridge, didn't bother mentioning it, DS called me to an O Group for the 24hr Ambush Phase and gave me a tin of Bacon Grill for my Birthday.... mmmmm Bacon Grill.
  12. I spent my 21st on Site Guard at Hemer and was even on shift that day not ARF.

  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Spent my 21st down Mount Pleasant,did'nt tell anyone but the cnuts found out anyway & got me shedded!
  14. Spent my 18th as a recruit doing weapons drills... which wasn't so bad until some tw@t lost a mag and the course staff decided to get creative with their "reeducation techniques".
  15. Spent my 21st pukeing out the window of an AVGAS bowser, stuck in traffic on the autobahn haveing got pi**** the night before, luckly I was not driving