Birth of a Narco State

What we're fighting for in Afghanistan . . .

Our Drugs War - 4oD - Channel 4

. . . This film gets under the skin of the drug trade in Afghanistan, from the deserts of the Afghanistan-Iran border to the smuggling centre of Herat and the courts in Kabul, engaging with those working to establish some sort of order in the face of overwhelming odds; all the time questioning whether it is our drug laws or our drug demand that is causing the problems in the first place.

Macqueen meets General Aminullah - former head of security at Kabul International Airport - who was sacked after exposing widespread corruption and then placed under investigation himself. We see shocking footage he took of a young, female Afghan burqa-clad drug smuggler demonstrating brazen disregard for the law, who then got off scot-free. Rarely has such an open example of what 'corruption' means been caught on camera . . .


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Narco-States are pretty much two-a-penny. Vide Merxico, Bolivia, & Columbia. Why shoud Afghanistan be any different?
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