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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Greg_Jordan92, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    This is my first post, please go easy, or tell me if this is in the wrong section :)

    I was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the uk when i was 8, im 17 now and have all my papers, EG- Passport, NHS Number, NI number.

    But we had a house fire in the beggining of december, and my Birth Certificate got destroyed :x

    It would take about 6-12months to get a new one, and cost about $500usd 8O

    Would this be considered exceptional circumstances?
    Or would i be barred joining?
    Iv got my BARB next friday, and need to take my application in then.

    Many Thanks,
  2. Personally, I'd go into the AFCO and speak to them, they are the only ones who can answer that
  3. cannot see it being a big problem, especially as you have a passport etc. You are on the system somewhere, but as above.
  4. Thanks for that, i'l go in tomorrow, and speak to them.

    I dont think it should be a problem, just checking :)
  5. Ok now I have a dilemma! :x

    I can't find my fcukin birth cert anywhere, I do have a passport though in-date til next year, will it be ok to go to basic with only my passport? I only have 16 days left now, I have no time to get a new one :(
  6. is this a wah?

    go to your records office with all your id and your mum and dads birth&marriage certs and buy a copy.
  7. I didn't ask how to do it, i think i know that, I asked do I need it with the passport or can I just take the passport, I have no time to go anywhere as im going to visit my parents before i leave in another country.
  8. Passport and another form of ID is fine
  9. Well im possibly screwed then because my passport is my only ID, time to rip the room apart and find this fcuking birth cert.