Birmingham UOTC 1997

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a TA soldier I was briefly attached to Birmingham UOTC towards the end of 1996 and early 1997, and so I'm posting this here in case any of the Officer Cadets from that time are about.

I seem to recall that some of the 'young Gentlemen' had a nyrex containing estimate headings for use whilst out on the pull, and I'm trying to get hold of a copy. Not for me, I hasten to add :oops: but I mentioned it in conversation one day and now some of my mates want to see it.

Anyway, I thought that some of you might have been involved in UOTC activities 10 years ago (oh Jesus was it really that long) and might know what I'm talking about.

So feel free to post here or PM me if you remember this!

Edited to try and attract some attention :cry:

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