Birmingham to be scrapped?


I have only just read this interesting article on the web and I am so glad to see we are being bled dry by that b'astard Brown and the Treasury!

Seems Buffoon bottled it and buckled to treasury deamands for savings (surprising that!).

We are not the only possible casuality, 2 carriers will be going and 4 regiments (3 Scottish!).

Oh, praise be the leader and his glorious party! :roll:
I thought this post was telling us that 'Birmingham is to be scrapped'? In that case, I agree. Sack Birmingham - it's useless, and full of useless jobless to$$ers.

Cheers. meant the hospital... :D :D
ah, so in true military fashion now you've been told it's not being scrapped, we can expect news of it getting scrapped by friday then. :D
I must admit having been on leave and missing a COs address, I saw this originally in an old paper.

I tend to believe the newspapers. After all the spin and shiit I have been fed over the years by the AMS, is it any wonder I'm cynical! :wink:
and new carpets shite to it, i'm booking my holidays. Birmingham i think!!

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