Birmingham PIA panic

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pp0470, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. BBC has just reported a PIA flight that has not been allowed to leave Birmingham I.A. for Pakistan, leaving passengers trapped on board for 6hours!

    Staff have had to advise passengers that they will be arrested if they try to leave the plane, and paramedics have been called for passengers suffering chest pains and panic attacks.

    Now there is one flight I thank Allah that I am no where near! :D
  2. My bold:
    Shirley they can't legally do that? Leaving a sitting plane isn't an offence as long as your paperwork is in order, no?
    As an individual I would hope you'd' have the option to decide not to fly and return home....?
  3. That's strange - I didn't know that PIA flew out of Brum. On second thoughts, I suppose it makes sense.
  4. Threats of arrest - at least you would be off the thing. Was it non-payment of fees/fuel?
  5. Just due to weather conditions I think - does beg the question why they loaded the plane / airport management of flights queuing to leave.

    Radio 4 report was during travel bullet-in, and was sourced from passenger on plane.

    Must admit my wish not to be on plane was more to do with the 'cultural nature' of fellow passengers, than the waiting conditions
  6. I agree, I wouldn't want to be sitting next to someone who exploded with rage...

  7. Yeah, much prefer to be sat with English gentlemen, waiting patiently, apologizing for been so much trouble and suffering their chest pains stoically without bothering a medic


    Have been on flights on a transit route to Pakistan, and the Pakistani passengers do amuse me - has anyone else notices the clunk of seat belts been released as the wheels touch the ground, in the race to get to a closed door & empty luggage carousel?

    I entertain myself on such flights by flicking the belt release plate loudly at a ridiculously early moment and then listening to people follow suit releasing their belts & seeing the airhostess's dispair
  8. Being ignorant of the law, under what law are they keeping people on board with the threat of arrest?

    I once went to watch the football away (I hardly ever go to away matches) and got held in a pub for 3 hours after the game, which meant I got home at after midnight, I didn't really argue because I was happy getting smashed, but wondered under what law I was being held.
  9. In my experience, some cabin crew are more than a little fond of threatening to arrest people or to have them arrested. Best I ever heard of was an American Airlines flight that summoned F-15s because a US citizen was caught smoking in the toilet. I expect the purser got a hefty sense of authority. Until AA got the bill for the F-15s and the purser got sacked.
  10. If you go on PIA anywhere,you have to take your chances.
  11. I can understand being bored, pissed off and angry with the airline/airport management at being delayed but if the plane isn't actually crashing or bursting into flames why would you have a "panic attack?"

    The BBC News 24 people had a ticker thing at the bottom of the screen, "Are you stuck on a plane ? Text us on......" I was tempted to phone in from the comfort of my own living room and make up some horrendous story, then I thought, I can't be arrsed.

  12. Oddly enough, I was threatened with arrest myself on the way home from Lanzarote.
    Just after take-off, one engine became very noisy and had to be shut down, so we flew along on one until we reached the south of Spain where it put down for repair.... Once on the tarmac all the power was switched off and we were told to stay in our seats.... while the cabin crew stood at the top of the ladder...
    I had a bit of tarmac rage, to be fair, and demanded to be let off there and then.. Talking/arguing with the cabin-crew I reasoned that I could indeed decide to leave a plane that was parked, engines off, in Spain, and make my own way home if I chose. (Besides, as far as I'm aware they can't test a repaired engine with the plane full of people.)
    Anyway..... As I was about to do so, they threatened me with arrest as soon as I set foot on the tarmac..And as I was about to test that threat, they agreed to arrange a bus to take us all off..

    Which is why I asked...... I do wonder what would have happened.