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Hi - I'm wondering if anybody could answer a few questions.

As some may know, I'm in the final year of a clinical and health psychology undergrad degree. Next, I'm hoping to pursue the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Last night I was talking to a friend who is a trainee psychologist and she mentioned that my experience may help me get on the course at Birmingham uni, because of my forces background

She said apparently the Army are in need of civilian clinical psychologists in Birmingham, but despite need, not many are the required calibre.

I'm guessing that the need in this area is because of the military wing at Selly Oak?

So I'm just wondering if anybody could tell me what aspect of care are the lads getting there, if the psychologists are working with military clients? Are they receiving psychological medicine whilst they receive treatment for their other injuries, or is there also long-term care provided, for PTSD, etc? Or are the psychologists providing rehabilitatation to those with brain injuries?

Also, if there are also any qualified clinical psychologists lurking on the board - it would be quite nice to receive a PM :D

Any answers are very much appreciated,

I don't think that there are any clinical psychologists employed by the MOD at Birmingham. As far as I am aware, there are two military CPNs attached to RCDM. They handle the mental health input to the military inpatients there.

The MOD does employ a small number of clinical psychologists in its Departments of Community Mental Health. I wouldn't know if there are any vacancies at the moment.

Neuro rehab is largely handled by Headley Court. Not sure if there are clinical psychologists employed there, although it is a reasonable assumption.
If you are interested in Defence Psychology you need to speak to the Head of Defence Psychology. PM me if you want contact details.

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