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Birmingham bookshop linked to US Navy Officer Charges.

Sparkhill bookshop was the start of US Navy officer's link to terrorism
A US Navy officer facing jail for handing state secrets to terror sympathisers was inspired by extremist material he bought from a Birmingham bookshop, the Sunday Mercury can reveal.

The Maktabah al Ansar book store in Sparkhill has been raided by counter-terror cops three times, and is named in prosecution evidence compiled by the FBI and the US Department of Justice against Hassan Abu-Jihaad.

Abu-Jihaad was convicted last year of disclosing classified national defence information while on active service aboard the USS Benfold in 2001, just six months after al Qaeda militants killed 17 American sailors from the USS Cole.

He will be sentenced in Connecticut this week with prosecutors seeking a 10-year sentence for the traitor who, they say, was trying to help foreign terrorists replicate the USS Cole attack


Book Reviewer
I wonder how many 'Islamic bookshops' in Birmingham, Bradford/Leeds/Manchester and London (amongst other places) don't have intricate wirey - type transmitter devices squirreled away in them?
You can't definitively conclude that a particular book or text set someone down on the route to extremism. There tends to be more than one 'trigger' involved.

I'm liking his name though, Hassan Abu Jihad?

Maybe the Seppos mocked his surname so he thought he may as well live up to it :p


Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
The prosecutors are only asking for 10 years for this traitor - sounds like he is going to get off lightly.

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