Birmingham - Are there any Anti-papal protests being planned that are not barmy?


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The 'pope' is due to visit Britain in the next few weeks and he is holding a gig in B'rum.

According to Google there will be protests by Muslims, Fascists of various sorts and LGBT types but does anyone know where normal decent people can go to demonstrate our disapproval of this man and his deeply unpleasant organisation?
Your nearest Protestant church?
Brum is not exactly a hot bed of Catholicism these days and the average brummie is not exactly what you thing of when describing christians so I'm certain there will be "normal" protesters there too.

Come to think of it, I'm not exactly sure why he/anyone would want to take in the sights - The natural history museum is pretty good; they used to have a t-rex and a two models next to each other of what a very cold hand looks like compared to a very hot hand. Oh and the german christmas market Soon™ too.. although there are better places for that.

Hmm the Chinese in selfridges just got expanded - who knows, maybe to fit in his larger cassocks
The top of any tall building overlooking Cofton Park to give you a good view? You could take binoculars but you might find that observing the mass through an expensive Schmidt & Bender sight would give you the much more satisfying feeling of being able to centre the crosshairs on the Pope's head. If there happened to be a rifle attached to the bottom of said sight you might find your protest draws a great deal of attention indeed ^^

This also has the advantage of keeping clear of the crowds of lunatics and thus not being assaulted by the stench of joss sticks, having your wealth redistributed by socialist pickpockets or being photographed by the police and filed on a database somewhere.

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