Birmingham Airport (second class citizens)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by conco, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Doesn’t it just grip ur Sh*t when you get a trooper flight into any of the UK airports (I will use Birmingham as the one I will whinge about) and you have to stand in line to go through immigration with all the alleged political asylum seekers and people who are from the countries we spend most of our time in at the minute (sandy places). :twisted:

    We go through BFG C&I check before you get on the flight! Don’t they work for the same sort of organisation as those mindless oiks sat in the little box you have to show your passport to? :evil:

    Oh and being in the same little concourse as these people when we pick our baggage and most times a hessian sack (same shape as an A2 but not!!) 8)

    I know they wouldn’t nick them, as the preferred weapon is the AK47 in Birmingham. :D

    I know I will be called a racist (not again). But it isn’t the point of the string! Its to ask why we cant be treated as British Forces and not like a holiday maker or asylum seeker entering Britain for the first time! They know who we are? :?
  2. It's not all bad news at Brum Airport though.

    You can:

    A. Find a prayer room to bow to Mecca in whenever you want to...

    B. Find a handy washroom to wash your feet in before even going into the prayer room...

    C. Undo your dung-button safe in the knowledge that you hoop definitely ISN'T pointing at Mecca…….

    Come on man, think of the plus points.........
  3. You are standing in the wrong line.
    You should be in the one marked for UK and EEC passport holders only.
    You may still be unimpressed as you will be in line with the garlic munchers.
  4. Yes i understand the UK/EEC bit but its the stupid bank coral thing you have to stand in for ages before the UK/EEC passport desk!
  5. What do you expect, its Birmingham, any experience involving Birmingham is shit.
    I've tippexed it out of my road atlas and refuse to go within 50K of the place.
  6. Well if you were in USA you would travel in uniform and the civvies would clap and cheer and insist that you go to the front of the queue (except that they cant say queue so it would be the front of the line).
  7. Because the Brit general public reflect the idiots they 'vote' into power. A bit like owners looking like their dogs.

    The UK is sort of like a massive 'Stepford wives' experiment of apathy built purely for the amusment of Liarbour. The only thing the public get excited at nowadays is, as you've suggested, 'celebrities', on-line bingo and gay people on telly. The country has been hit with a massive 'Terry Fuckwit' stick.

    Come the revolution, gentlemen.......
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Could be worse, try using RAF BRIZE NORTON or RAF AKROTIRI where you will be treated as self loading cargo.
  9. At the risk of sounding a tad negative, when did you last stand in the UK EEC Passport holders only queue? I returned from a holiday at Christmas to find myself surrounded by that well known race of Britain the 'Arab'. For the ENTIRE 45 minutes it took me to get through and more and more of them fecking joined all the time!
  10. Couple of points.

    I flew back from the USA yesterday and walked straight through the EEC line, whilst the queue for Johnny Foreigner was large. And any way, I would gladly stand in a queue if it meant that it stopped ANY of these fcuking scrounging No Marks from getting in.
  11. Ah, why is it that all the threads seem to descend into a racist rant? These foreigners you are complaining about coming into the country might well be doctors and nurses who will on day save your life.

    I really hate to think what visitors to this site must think...
  12. Doctors that save your life????? Remember the few doctors that sort of like drove into Glasgow airport???????

    Notice how it comes back to British airports again!!!!
  13. Plus if they didnt qualify in Britain the "life saving "doctors and nurses can't work here any more, bearing in mind more than a few just bought their medical qualficiations. So not sure how they will be "saving your
    life" exactly.
  14. Conco, you are in the Army, that makes you the lowest of the low by default (at the risk of upsetting someone), why should you be given preferential treatment, all you do have done is serve your country!

    According to Lanky thats you a racist (whatever one of those is.....utter shite) humans have always treated each other unfairly its the way it goes, until someone has the bottle to stand up and tell how it is, we will all just have to get on with it.

    I'm on the trooper next month and don't expect anything will be any different from your experience!
  15. If its a choice between BZZ and LHR I prefer Brize. Less stress, less crowding, less opportunity to blow cash on duty frees.... I don't think I meant the last bit.