Birmingham Airport Police Are At It Again!

Well, it's that time of year. Your most popular UK police officers (;)) are at it again. The officers of West Midlands Police based at Birmingham Airport are organising our latest charity day to raise money for charities relating to the Armed Forces. This year we have once again teamed up with 99 Squadron RAF to organise an inter-service plane pulling competition at RAF Brize Norton on 4 September. In 2008 we raised £20,600; in 2009 I completed the Nijmegen Marches and raised £1,800 and in our main event we raised £13,700.

Teams of police officers from across the country (West Midlands, S Wales, Devon & Cornwall, Thames Valley, Wiltshire, Sussex, MoD) will battle it out with RAF squadrons, the Royal Navy, nurses, ambulance staff and members of the Air Training Corps to see just who can pull a C-130 Hercules the fastest in a competition against the clock.

The main aim though is not to see who is the best at pulling a plane, it is to honour the best; those soldiers wounded in the service of their country. The day has officially been designated a 'Wounded Soldiers Families' Day' and 40 wounded soldiers and their families will be invited to witness the fund raising efforts of the teams. The RAF will be aiming to raise £10,000 for the Royal Air Force Association and the other teams are aiming for at least £20,000 for BLESMA; the British Limbless ex-Servicemen's Association.

BLESMA helps those soldiers who have lost limbs and there are unfortunately many who are paying that price. BLESMA helps them to rebuild their confidence and through that to rebuild their lives. What the police aim to do is to sponsor as many soldiers as possible to go on the annual skiing trip, a cost in the region of £1,500 per person. This event proves to the limbless just how much they can still achieve.

The Air Cadets have been invited as they are the future. It will be a proud day too for them to help those that have gone before them.

I am well aware that it is a bit perverse asking servicemen and women to donate to your charities, so this year I'm asking if you would be willing to publicise our efforts and spread our online giving page around the world to secure sponsors? Pass on our details to as many people and companies as you can. It can be found at Bmycharity - Robert Williams - Online fundraising - BLESMA. Could I ask that any sponsor puts the letters 'ARRSE' after their name so I know how we obtained the sponsorship?

Keep up your excellent work and know that the UK police support you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Shit, when you said the officers of West Midlands Police were at it again i was half expecting a knock in the middle of the night as hundreds were lifted on forged statements, dodgy DNA and the sworn testomnoy of corrupt officers. Do i need to provide my own planted evidence or will you guys do it for me? Cheers in advance and if any of your mates are looking for a 15 year rental on a 3 bed townhouse then get them to look me up on remand. I'll probably want it back though when I win my appeal :)

However, in the spirit of the post, if you can line up all the non pulling officers between two ramps and successfully jump them with a pulled plane, I will sign over the deeds to aforementioned house.

Edited to add - you're all still ******* bent.
Bob, best of luck with you and your colleagues' endeavour
Phew...thank goodness for that. As I am of Irish extraction I was expecting another stich-up from this headline. How TF you have got away with it all these years i will never know.
Phew...thank goodness for that. As I am of Irish extraction I was expecting another stich-up from this headline. How TF you have got away with it all these years i will never know.
They probably learned a few tricks from McGuiness and Adams. Now, HTF did they get away with it all these years?
How dull. Thought this was going to be an outrage thread about Troops on the way back from Ops being made to change into civilian rig on the tarmac so they didn't offend the muslim airport workers.

All the ebst with the fundraiser anyway!

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