Birdwood Barracks (Bunde) on Google Earth

For all of you 1ADTR guys out there prepare to weep. Your camp is now a housing estate!


It's not a link numb nuts! It's a Google Earth location file. Save the file to your computer, and so long as you have Google Earth installed you will be taken to the location if you double-click it.
muzzleflash said:
Speedy said:
It's not a link numb nuts! .
Easy to say from under your bed - tit.
Hey, it's not me that is a spastic with computers. I do this for a living. RTFM!


I couldn't get the link to work either so looked for it the old-fashioned way. Its the area to the NW of Schäferweg isn't it? From Google it looks as though virtually all of the buildings have gone, or I am looking at the wrong place? I may have to have a drive up there for old times sake.

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