Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by Padrat, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. Winter is here & our native birds will soon be finding food scarce. Please go to the pet shop & buy a bag of nuts for our feathered friends. There is no finer sight on a winter's morning than a pair of tits around your nut sack. But just remember it's a bit early in the year to expect a swallow!
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  2. I hope for summat a little different this year, maybe a Nuthatch, ive seen em in the forest but not my garden.
  3. I know bird watching has it knockers but one of my friends is an avid twitcher. You should have heard him the other day - "Whoar. Look at that pair of tits.". He ejaculated.
  4. I certainly will not, it saves money on feeding the dog.
  5. My wife said to me "I fancy getting a boob job, what do you think?? I answered just rub some toilet paper up and down your clevage for a few months.. she said will it work? Well just look at what its done for your arse!!!
  6. In other news, the Kaiser signed the Armistice.
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  7. The only way to attract a Great Tit is to look like there is a serious alimony in the birdbox.