Both as many as you can get. Army Birds tend to be more available as not many civi birds hang around the NAAFI/Garages/stores
As many as possible - preferably different one for each day/night. Occasionally more than one at the same time would also be nice.
Civi birds any day. Atractive army birds are out there but they are in a minority.
I suspect that most blokes like army girls as they understand the general social ethos (drink, kebab, share a taxi) - fuckbuddies if you will - but most settle down with civvy girls. Y'see squaddies know what other squaddies are like, so it's hard for in-service couples to go on the lash separately cos the other knows the terrible :twisted: company the other keeps!

Me personally? I love 'em all. Army girls have a better sense of humour than both yer average council estate single mum and the posh totty types. Not sure about female officers though - once the moustache has gone, most of 'em are alright. :wink:

We had a female VM in Catterick that used to light her own farts in front of the boys . She tried to hard to be one of the boys , she was'nt shy when it came to mixed showers at West down camp either . Would you want to go out with a women like that , I think not , she scrubbed up well but nobody looked at her again after the pissy yellow Knickers in Norway .
Pleased to say I've only done 2 army birds (1 Brit and 1 Dutch) and I'd prefer civvie birds any day. Who wants to go out with something that you know have already been around the army.
Civi birds for me

Army birds think they are something, I guess they know however much of a hippacrocopig they are they will always bag with some pished squadie, especially on tour!!

Is it me, or do all fit birds in the army only ever go for blokes at least 3 ranks above them???
Cheers for that ken.

Take it your the one who ends up with the ginger minger that smells of Tom cats pish and digestives??
To right!!

As if "Men" dont all get tarred with the same brush
take into a account..... if you're doing an army bird, make sure the last army bird doesn't know... especially if you all live in the same building. Also make sure you know when the last bird is getting back from leave... it just isn't cricket when she walks in and you're shagging her mate...

This I learnt from a good friend only a few weeks ago... the cat fight was tremendous fun though

civvie birds for now i guess.... they're just so oblivous to our intentions...

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