birdman of bognor

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by pots359v, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. hi guys contemplating entering next years birdman along with my son (15) in order to raise some much needed cash for combat stress, something close to all our hearts.

    at present the thoughts for costume are tin soldier or two little boys ala rolf harris fame.

    if you think its a good idea and would be prepared to back ie sponsor us let me know. i will get in touch with rosie to start the ball rolling and if enough support be back for kindly contributions nearer the time, pics will be posted.
  2. Can you give a link please?
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Birdman web site seen some funny costumes before, looks like a right laugh.

    Edit: Damm you beat me!
  4. Seen, but where is the Paypal bit?
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    What Paypal bit?