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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Niteventure, Jul 5, 2003.

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  1. Right Gentlemen it would seem that the OTC board needs more talk about birds.

    Indicate an OTC being your own or one visited and score it one to ten. Top and bottoma are

    1= 10 foot barge pole just ain't long enough
    10= You are on your knees thanking whoever that you have eyes.

    Ladies do not feel out please comment.
  2. The Largest and God's Own = 10

    But what we actually need are pics........ (otherwise I'm phoning Nightventure's Adj and getting him a lifetime of extras  ;D )
  3. Hehe...I have a few....

    ...but it's more than my job's worth ;)

    Hang on, me job ain't worth sh*t.......
  4. You can try but i am now out his reach heh heh
  5. After a few Northern Lights I have noticed that the Edinburgh burrrds are reasonably tangy!

    6 / 10

    Of course I couldn't comment on the fine flowers that grow on my home patch!  ;D
  6. msr

    msr LE


    The lack of pictures can only mean two things:

    Either your memories of ULOTC have been skewed by beery goggles, and/or they are a bunch of woofters.... ;D

  7. Following Northern Lights, must admit that Edinburgh Dancing girls weren't that bad looking.  

    As to Queens, There was always a minority of really stunning chicks who would prick tease young and old but wouldn't really put it out- unless of course you had pips!  
    The rest ranged from 3 pinters right up to 10 or 11 pints.

    Overall score : 6
  8. We did have "VC" the Battle Hound (she who only got laid when we paid someone from Bristol to do it post Stonehouse!)

    But we made up for it with some stunning lovelies.  8)
  9. Last i heard it was pips or stripes  ;D to persusade a certain ocdt to put out   :)
  10. Tryin to get photo's. Oh hang does anybody remember the girl who was in FHM a year ago?
  11. Bloody hell

    Excellent TI  - 9 pages of her lusciousness  ;D

    Will revisit it later, when the future Mrs. PTP isn't hovering  :-/
  12. Heheh, there's more than 9 pages m8....several links to multiple pages...mostly Lady Chatterly's stuff but many chebs by first name