Bird-Like Microdrones Poised to Swoop Into Battle


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msr said:
Most people associate
Years ago most people associated strange things in the Nevada desert and later, over Europe with space aliens. We now know it was stealth technology.

Expect reports of strange black birds hovering above your home. And shadowing your children on their way to school. And your dogs.

Especially if you voted against me in the Bad CO thing. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Minature drones to "spy"? Well, up to a point.....

LMAMS (Lethal Minature Aerial Munitions System)

"The LMAMS is designed to provide a soldier carried, soldier ground launched Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) loitering precision guided system organic at the small unit level that allows unprecedented engagement of enemy combatants without exposing the Warfighter to direct enemy fires. "

Want some. Now.


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Battlefields are rapidly turning into an Iain Banks novel... How long before we start getting self aware warships I wonder?

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