Bird Flu

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stabtastico, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. I have just been watching the news ref the bird flu and was wondering if any cap badges (not specific units) have been warned off for mob to help with possible containment (2,500 km sq area) in Scotland, clean up etc.

    Sigs for Comms

    Infantry for containment etc

    Engers for digging burn pits etc

    Med cover etc

    Was just wondering if the TA was likely to get involved at all

    And No I'm not a Hack :)
  2. Infantry wouldn't be affected - no birds in the infantry.
  3. AGC will be even more undermanned. We have plenty of birds (well - a few chickens and lots of turkeys!)
  4. Some rough old birds in the AGC alright. The growler who looks after our money is scarier than any crusty PSI.

    *edited for incorrect use of 'are' - duh*
  5. Who could have guessed it would be the bloody scottish to get us all infected.

    But anyway, this will probably be handled by the police, its about time they earned their pay.
  6. I'd be suprised if the jocks notice, their normally too drunk aren't they?
  7. That should be TA 2 Sig Bde for comms and regulars for foot work
  8. How are we going to contain birds?. :?

    I'm having visions of Dastardly & Mutley, trying to catch the Pigeon. :lol:
  9. only possibility i have heard of is a possible ccrf of infantry to form a perimeter round the incident set up road blocks and such like

    but it is not at that stage yet
  10. Sure you talk nothing but shite anyway.
  11. it not me im quoting someone else on this site actually on a previouse post called CCRF

  12. I suppose this IS the Army Rumour Service after all, and you can't have a Rumour Service without rumours!!
  13. Bird flu is spread by migratory aquatic based birds. Unless you are going to build a ten thousand foot wall all around scotland, you aint going to contain it. This isnt mad cows disease
  14. ^Sounds good DS, but then we'd have to find another country to export IrnBru, porrige and Tennants Super :lol:
  15. Unless you're a chicken packer, or have f*cked a swan recently, you're unlikely to be affected. It's the same as MRSA; one mild scare sets off a nationwide panic... :evil: