Bird Flu

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by countdokku, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. The Gov. has stated that if/when BF arrives in this country and makes the leap between birds and humans, they will vacinate "high risk" workers.
    These include NHS staff, police and bus drivers. All well and good, but they have forgotten one group of people: Supermarket staff.
    I work in a supermarket. In the last 6 years, I've had three bouts of flu and one case of chickenpox.
    This is about average for a supermarket GA(general assistant+crow). Because we work in close proximity to the public, it's easy to catch whatever they are carrying. And once a GA is infected, it quickly spreads to anyone else he/she was working with.
    If BF hits these shores, the majority of supermarket workers will simply quit; no one is going to risk dying for the wages Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons etc pay.
    This will leave the whole country up s""t creek. With no workers to distribute food, starvation becomes a real possibility. Think I'm overstating the danger? Consider this: The Big Four currently employ more staff than the Army, Navy and RAF combined. Yeah, it's not exactly brain surgery, but it's still a Hell of a lot of people to replace.
  2. When did they find the vacine? From my understanding they cannot develop a vaccine until it has mutated to jump from human to human. Therefore, once it mutates, everyone will be up shite creek for a few months regardless of what job you do!
  3. That's a general anti-viral vaccine that has no guarantee of doing anything at the moment. They can only start to develop a specific vaccine once it has mutated, which is only a possibility, not a probability so far. Prepare yes, panic no.

    As for the walk out 'en masse' of checkout staff? Starvation? No. But it would allow the big four to implement the many automated check out or paying schemes that they have avoided to implement so far because they are worried about the mass lay-offs it would cause. Walk out and you do it for them and give them an excuse... to prevent starvation of the masses.
  4. Some interesting (and scary) links regarding the propagation, effects and control of H5N1 influenza ("bird flu").

    It appears to me that its world-wide spread is a matter of when, not if.

    What isn't so clear yet is the extent to which the virus will evolve to a high degree of human contagiousness. There have been cases of presumed bird to man transmission in the far east but apparently no man to man cases.

    It appears to me (not that I'm any expert) that best hope for averting a human epidemic is the rapid identification of human cases and treatment of those cases, and their contacts with Tamiflu.
  5. Is this the opposite of "man flu"?
  6. or a nuclear strike on any confirmed out breaks :)
  7. And there you have the trouble with the far east and bird flu. Over there they tend to keep their chickens in and around the home, the markets are full of them alive and kicking, as opposed to the average western experience of a chicken which is dead, wrapped and frozen. If the virus remains bird-human then we'll get very few cases here compared to there. If the virus is going to mutate it's going to be there where it happens.
  8. Bird Flu.
    Been rampent out here for years. Gov just lies about it.
    Said to be passed on by Bird Droppings (Sh1t). These get trampled under foot and the dispersed powder entres the airways.
    At last one reported death of person with zero conntact with fowl, but who had two nieces who both died from Bird Flu.
    Very disturbing.
    No suggestion that it can be passed on in COOKED food.
  9. I'm not bothered if only birds get it - presumably it'll migrate to blokes eventually though. :?
  10. Plant-Pilot - it's not just going to be checkout staff who walk out. The majority of people employed in a supermrket are involved in food distribution; warehouse and shelfstackers. If they walk out, the bright and shiney automated checkouts wont be much good because there will be nothing for the customer to buy.
    Also, these situations have a habit of spiriling out of control. Back in '99, people were kacking themselves over the Y2K Bug. The last two weeks, with people desperately trying to stock up on food, water etc, was no fun at all. I had to break up fights between people who were prepared to kick the crap out of each other for the last loaf of bread on the shelves. If there is any disruption in the supply chain, the public will panic. I've seen it happen and it's not pretty.
    It was reported in the Daily Record today that when a vaccine is developed, priorety will be givin to politicians...and BBC staff!
    Nice to see the cnuts have their priorities right.
    And people wonder why I'm cynical...
  11. Well if they all walk ou of their jobs I'm sure there will be plenty of immigrants who'll walk in and be happy of the work. I think you are putting a bit too much spin on what your job's worth. Tin foil hat anybody?
  12. I think the freshly vaccinated RAF will look simply spiffing wearing an ASDA apron over their fetching uniform! :D Why not? It happens with every other national emergency! ;)

    But on a more serious note, I think the PRIORITY structure will be to vaccinate those at greater risk rather than disregarding the people in supermarkets I’m sure the government will be working on a trickle down effect.

    After all I’d imagine there are several other groups at the same risk level who are equally entitled to the protection...


    PS I wonder if the NHS staff will include those contracted in to 'clean' the wards and dish out the food?
  13. Obviously, brain surgeons like you will be first in line, Pilot.
  14. No point being first in line for anything..... they don't know if the vaccine they've got works and they won't be able to make a specific one until there is a problem..... so spreading panic stories that all supermarket workers are going to run away and that that in itself will mean that we're all going to die of starvation is a bit silly now isn't it? And it didn't take the brains of a Brain Surgeon to work that out.
  15. Silly as opposed to what? Burying one's head in the sand and pretending everything will work itself out? Because that seems to be the Government's response.