Bionic leg may allow solders back on front line.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Drone_pilot, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. While covering the Iraq war, BBC producer Stuart Hughes lost his leg. His new prosthetic foot is so advanced, it may even allow amputee soldiers back into battle.

    Every evening, before I switch off the bedside light, I take my right leg off and plug it into the mains. I am a below-knee amputee. I lost my leg in 2003 after stepping on a landmine while covering the war in Iraq for BBC News.

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  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    I'm sure there is a Marine Officer with a false leg having lost his? Still on active service I believe.

    Edited to add: BBC
  3. I know there's over-stretch, but this is faintly ridiculous.

    All credit to the guy for remaining positive following a serious injury, but did they check out his brain damage too?

    Out of interest, is anyone aware whether similar bionic limbs are made available to injured service personnel, or are we still stuck on peg-legs?


    Edited to add: Cow, you may have answered my question before I even asked it.
  4. A bootneck recently (12 months ish) repassed the AACC with a below the knee amputation. It nearly did me when I was young and fit so hats off to the man will balls of steel (and a leg of it)
    I think they put him in landing craft as he could only get one wet foot now.
  5. Wasn't there something in Soldier magazine AGES ago about a chap that lost his leg and was training hard to get back in the game? I thought it might have said that he could complete a PFT, although I cannot confirm that!
  6. I'll freely admit that losing a leg or an arm during service and being invalided off is my worst nightmare! I would rather die! 8O

    Anything that will get guys (and gals) back to doing the job they love can only be a good thing!
  7. I'll take 2 , I wish ,unfortunatly above the knee for me , But all credit to the guys making a splendid effort with prosthetics , and the ones I've seen are very advanced , lightweight as well .To work back up to duty fitness is a bl00dy good show in my book.
    As for PassingBells comment "over-stretch" think of the advantages....... :lol:

  8. At £60,000 a time amputee soldiers deserve every penny. Now that would be (IMHO) a worthwhile expenditure out of the defence budget!
  9. I think i saw a RWelsh Cpl with a below the knee as well.
  10. Errm excuse me that's "stretched" NOT "over stretched" :wink:
  11. As my great uncle who lost a leg in WWII you haven't really lost a leg until it's gone above the knee.

    Good luck to em is what i say saw the thing about the marine guy he actually didn't lose the leg but his foot was rendered useless, so he asked to have it removed as he could be more mobile with the prosthetic limb.

    On the bionic leg note if you have to charge it up at night can't see it being that good on the front line.