Bionic arrse!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. I bet his missus is warming up the V8 12" strap-on... sans lube!
  2. What happens when they run out of muscle from other parts of his body, will he just be a functioning arrsehole??
  3. Don't see why not,plenty of them around here.
  4. It would be great fun to go and buy another replacement remote control from Currys / Dixons and be able to operate his vulcan bomb doors to 'open' as he is standing at the bar ordering a pint !!
  5. I wonder if he has to press it to fart.
  6. I bet he is shitt1ng himself. Bionic arse. Absolute classic. Wonder if he'll have any trouble with those clingons. Or like the Bionic Man will his brown eye be bionic?
  7. Now that would be fuckin funny :twisted:
  8. Now I understand why 'Chef' used to get brown trousers & legs in the NAAFI tent at ARMEX in West Brom! 8O
  9. Surely most on this forum are disfunctional.
  10. Was thinking if this became a common thing, especially for the ladies you could use it for sexual gratification!
    Think of it you could - on command - open it up the when your conkers deep close it up again! Just think of the grip of that thing :wink: