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Just wondering what the average intake numbers are for people going into the Biomedical Scientist trade within the RAMC. If any one works as a BMS then please PM me as theres a few questions I wouldnt mind asking.


Ask D-L, youll find him lurking around the AMS forum somewhere.


Currently the trade is overmanned due to over recruitment in the last few years although this should trickle out with a few of the old boys leaving within the next few years.

Current structure for BMS within the AMS is around 29, I believe we are manned upto 38 including the trainees that are currently at university. This should level out as I say with the pre 2000 staff (RAF took lead service and we stopped training til then) start coming to the end of their time.
I have just sat my BARB and have been a mahoosive list of jobs! On the list it shows "RAMC - SE Biomedical Scientist" I am assuming, as it is on the list, its available for my selection? (or is that too logical?)

I am currently looking at joining as either a Sapper (please forgive me!) or a Biomedical Scientist, but it seems this is a trade that may be over subscribed! Also I would be joining with only science A-Levels and therfore would like to know the chance of getting a place with other individuals having degrees already?



Havent looked in here for some time so forgive the late answer, I trust you have decided by now what route you want to follow but to answer your question:

Just because someone already has the degree wont necessarily mean that they will get the job over someone that doesnt, they may not be suitable for military life and therefore will be eliminated at the interview stages. Although they may have the degree chances are they will still have to do a top up at Uni as it is likely that it is not accredited by our governing body therefore they need to do a further year.

The trade may be over subscribed but again with natural wastage and the percentage of personnel failing the degree it may be that there is a good chance that you will get on the course. Alternately if your looking at the job rather than the service you could apply for either the Navy or the RAF (Navy promotion is better, RAF have 9 trained techs so a good chance they will be recruiting but promotion aint too good, dead mans shoes)
Have you looked at all available technical RAMC jobs or do you have a particular wish to push poo around all day???

If you have 2 or more science based A-levels then there are a few other choices available to you as well.


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