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Greetings all,

Ok, so a quick background. I was contemplating joining the regs as a Biomedical Scientist. I have a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and even got as far as doing the necessary paperwork at the recruitment office, and they asked me to come along to a short interview before being put forward for a medical exam.
Then I got offered a decent job, and so had to weigh the two up. I decided I would take the job and give it a year and reflect on how I felt about joining the regs, and well, a years almost up and given the impression I have, feel that I;d still like to pursue a career in the army as BMS.

So, my question is basically put out to anyone already in that area of work to ask about what the standard process is, how difficult the courses are, how they are structured, what the numbers are like, career prospects, how its worked out for them, is the army life similar to that of, say, someone in infantry or engineers (randomly picked there). I know its not very specific but im just trying to get a general idea as there is only so much the recruiters can tell you as i;ve already found out.

For the record I joined (well, was attested) in the TA about 6-8 months ago, and to be honest its a Fcuking disaster since nobody has a clue whats happening with training, and despite asking weekly me and the other recruits spend our time wondering what the fcuk we are sposed to be doing whilst getting very few answers, Im just hoping this isnt the way the regs normally operate.

Thanks for reading.


if you contact the RAMC Recruiting team at Camberley - they'll put you in touch with the Senior Lab Rat, and they could give you the best info


Thats great, will do that, thanks

Would still like to hear from people in the line of work themselves for their experiences/opinions.

Thanks again,


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