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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by usmarox, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm considering trade options, and I was wondering if any serving BMS' could tell me a bit more about their experience in the trade? I.e. postings, operational experience, etc.

    Also, how much choice do you have in your specialisation? I'd like, ideally, to be a microbiologist, but will I have any choice in this or will I be shunted off to where I'm needed?

    I'm aware that most of the trade training revolves around the biomedical science degree. I already have a (bad) degree in a related discipline - would this be a problem/advantage for entry?

    Thank you for any help,
  2. Whats your degree?

    I have a HP degree, for me it was better to go back and do my A-levels, then medicine.

    The BMS bit didnt look that great to me, from what I could see of it. Plus, im a contrary bastard that like to do crazy things like that!
  3. It's only a related discipline by virtue of it being biology - I have a bachelors in Virology. Mostly theory, but a fair amount of medical micro/viro and immunology.
  4. Closer than my degree, though I do have a msc in the old biomedical sciences.

    Personally, I wanted (and want) to do medicine because I feel I have the ability too, and as im a bit older, I now have the maturity (i.e. not as lazy) to do it.

    Same reasons for joining the army I guess. Luckily I can now put dream 1 and dream 2 together and come up with reality X. 2 fer the price of 1, only tescos could beat that.

    Seriously though, just get on a webchat with the AMS guys and ask questions away. And/or pigeonhole the recruiters at the various job fairs that spring up this time of the year.

    I take it you want to do BMS wiht the NHS? If so have you sent your details of to the IBMS via the HPC to see if you are eligible for registration? If your not you might not have to do a full BMS degree to get up to it and some hospitals and (perhaps) the AMS will train you in those areas.

    Be warned, you have to apply to your uni to get VERY detailed course information for the IBMS accreditation (though my masters gave me a bit of a leg up), it cost me several hudred quid, and i had to wait for ages to hear anything back.
  5. You may already have this info, if so I apologise, if not then there you go.
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