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What do?

  • go to testing centre asap

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  • finish degree then do masters

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  • transfer degrees

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  • let it go, they dont need biomeds

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I have wanted to join the UOTC but for private reasons I was not able to join until third year of my degree (out of 4). Im absolutely loving it and and i didnt consider a career in the army until I saw that they are recruiting biomedical scientists. Unfortunately my degree is in Life Science but not Biomedical Science. I can only consider myself doing that or Radiography. I have asked the UOTC guys but they are not knowledgable in this department and neither are the career recruiters. My questions are these:
1. Is the army recruiting biomedical scientists a new development? I want to know because if i do decide to join up they might ask me why i didnt study this course instead of what im doing now. I feel like not many people know that this is a career option though.
2. What I should do right now - finish my degree at a good uni which im halfway through but im not really passionate about, however it is a back up plan. I am seriously considering switching my course to approved Biomed and the deadline for that is 15th of Jan, which would take another 3 years, provided I get year 2 entry. I could also finish my degree and do an approved masters, however how would masters sit with the army? I could also finish my degree, get my fitness up and apply for biomed through the army.
3. Is biomed something that theyre actually looking for and is it competitive? if i do decide to stick to my current degree only to find out that theyre not recruiting them anymore or put in me in infrantry instead Id be seriously bummed out
4. go to test centre which would interfere with uni and give it a shot anyway? i could be fitter, however if testing was in december id have a good chance to catch up
5. abandon all hope and join up as infantry?
From the Army Jobs website:

There's a lot of information in there that answers some of your questions. I'd jusy like to clarify though that Biomed Scientists join as soldiers and not as officers. I'm sure that's not an issue for you but given that you're in the UOTC and posted this in Officer Recruiting it's just something to be aware of!

I'm not RAMC so I can't really comment with authority on career structure or progression though I don't think it's a new CEG; back in 2005 when I was thinking of joining the Army straight out of school it was advertised as an option. Opted instead to go to university, do a biology degree and then through RMAS.

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