Biomedical Scientist looking for TA experience

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Phaged, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi, first time posting here,

    I'm a full-time biomedical science student in my second year, up in Chester, and I'm considering joining the Army proper as a biomedical scientist (providing there are positions open) after graduation. To do this, I'd like to join the TA while I'm studying in order to get some experience.

    I've heard that my local squadron trains CMT's, and was wondering if this would be a good role to take in order to compliment the biomedical science.

    My main question is this: What would the recruitment process entail, should I join the TA and wish to move to the RAMC, and would anybody be able to give me more details?

  2. Son, even if you join the TA you won't get to "skip" basic training when you join the Regs- you need a reality check.
  3. Sorry, I'm just new to this. I've wanted to join since high-school, but I'm clueless as to the specifics of it.

    If I was to join the TA, could it serve as a sort of pathway into joining the regular army as a BMS, or are the regular army and the TA mutually exclusive in terms of recruitment?
  4. join the TA in something totally different, do you want to be a science geek 24/7?
  5. I wouldn't have run myself into 14 grand of debt to fund a degree if I didn't enjoy being a 'science geek' lol
  6. good answer.
  7. What does a biomedical scientist in the army do?

    Make brews? Sweep floors?

    You may find your degree useful in some roles in the army but im not so sure there is a specific biomedical scientist job. As Gassing_Badgers says Dstl may be what your actually looking for.

    Though I could be talking out of my Arrse.

    As to a TA unit dont worry what unit you join as much, any will give you some basic grasp of what the army do and how it works ( biting my lip not to do some cap badge slagging here). I will even go as far as saying just join an OTC initially. you'll have all the time in the world to play soldiers, ease yourself in and start with the OTC. They will work around your course. Pick one that suits your time available/ location.
  8. They handle stuff like blood pack preparation for transfusions, and microbiological duties like culture plating.

    As for the DSTL, I'd never heard of them before now, and I'm definitely going to look into them.

    With regards to the OTC, is there a link, or any information you could give me about it? (Again, this is something else I'd never heard of, and I'm assuming that it stands for Officer Training Corps)
  9. Like it!
  10. You are, it is a trade in the RAMC:

    Role Finder - British Army Website

    Phaged: info on your local UOTCs:

    Liverpool - British Army Website
    Wales - British Army Website

    If you join the regs as a soldier, you normally do the degree in service, not sure what would happen if you were already qualified, blokes at UOTC will know better than me, they will turn up at some point in freshers week if you are around.
  11. Excellent, thank you very much. This is precisely what I needed to know.
  12. See here: TA Recruiting Process - ARRSEpedia

    Also give CVHQ AMS a ring on 01904 442681 as they may well have vacancies for TA biomedical scientists and will be able to advise you on where you stand. They recruit for all the national TA RAMC units.
  13. Why don't you try getting in touch with 208 or 207 field hospital they should be able to give you some info on being a BMS.

    I don't know if they'll be able to take you on the books as a BMS due to you still being a trainee, what I can tell you though is if you do go in as a TA BMS then your unit probably wont have a bloody clue to do with you half the time.

    There are a few courses you would need to do aswell, the blood donation storage and supply course along with the BMS op training course, both done down in Aldershot atm, after basic of course.

    If you want to ask any questions about being a TA BMS feel free to PM me, if you want the oppinion of the full time guys try a post in the professionally qualified ramc qaranc board.
  14. If you have a scientific specialisation 3MI bn are the parent unit of the Technical Intelligence Staff Officer (TISO) pool. For obvious reasons their role connot be discussed in detail here but -
    "We currently provide expertise in a wide range of specialist areas, including medical, counter IED, force protection, spectrum dominance, ammunition and explosives, architecture and structures, CBRN, human sciences, engineering, geology, foreign weapons, automated systems, information technology, communications and weapons intelligence. The TISO (V) is expanding and looking to recruitment capable individuals with these skills and others". Treat yourself.