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  1. hi lads/lasses.was looking through some old stuff and happened across my old army vaccination record.
    prior to deployment as an ex regular reservist on op granby 190-1991 with 205 gen hosp, i received numerous vaccinations in an extremely short time period.
    one on these is just marked down as BIOLOGICAL...any ideas what it generic names on record.
  2. Did we not get an anti cholera jab which was considered a genuine bio threat? I don't have a definitive answer I'm afraid.
  3. we did get a cholera jab thats on the record with these
    anthrax/bubonic plague/yellow fever so its not that thinks i was a guinea pig...but that would never happen.
  4. You could be right, I can't remember what jabs I had just that there were about ten or so of them in one session!
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  5. 123

    123 LE

    The ones that say BIOLOGICAL was a stem cell / steroid hybrid
  6. stem cell steroid me thinks not.
  7. 123

    123 LE

    You mean, you didn't become an Ubermann afterwards?
  8. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    Such happy days! There so many so fast, and no what which of them made you feel shite after.

    I'm trying to recall but don't think they was anything explained to me that was not unreasonable if that makes sense.
  9. Chester? I have that one too (still got my little brown book). No idea what it was on the Ex Pin Cushion Day.
    "No one had more than 2 vaccinations at any one time" says the MOD............HAAAAAHHHAAA....ouch!
  10. I wonder of the word "biological" was the name (at least in part) of a vaccine manufacturer?
  11. like the young ********* i was, i never read the small print or asked questions.

    i also recieved several jabs in one go, as well as one in the calf muscle for some nasty tropical thingy.

    i also had a nasty reaction to one jab or another, made my arm leak out of the puncture wound, a thick white ,foul smelling sticky fluid.

    also, can any one remember having a jab that caused there piss to smell funny?