Biodiversity conference

Biodiversity isn't as contentious as Climate change, but is probably going to have more immediate effect.

Quite simply, most of the 'Carbon' fetish measures boil down to changes in consumption and power plant technologies.

Biodiversity measures involve changes in land and sea use, that will actively impact on the lifestyles of Joe Public.
HectortheInspector said:
that will actively impact on the lifestyles of Joe Public.
[cynic]Stand by to be trampled in the rush to Do Something, then.[/cynic]

The plain fact of the matter is that the right to vote isn't accompanied by any obligation to know anything about what you're voting on. We can look forward to policies continuing to be aimed at the LCD, their selfish self-interest and the attendant short attention span.

Or, as a great man once said, "We're doomed, DOOMED I tell ye, doomed..."
Hilary Benn (Our Tony's boy) wrote this for the BBC

I think that the key points to be aware of are calls for an IPCC type shop at the top, and lots of money being ploughed into forestry type programmes.

Tuna might get a bit more expensive as well, which I suspect, will mean more 'pirate' fishing, unless someone gets a bit more serious about fisheries protection.

Overall, its a lot harder to argue away environmental damage than climate, so I expect to see a bit more progress on this issue than Copenhagen, without scope for tactically brilliant hacking of websites to derail the issue. After all, the extent of a trashed rainforest can be calculated by satellite, even if there is still argument over the CO2 released from it.

What I also (wearing my cynics hat) expect is to see a lot of our foreign aid budget linked to environmental restoration, thereby getting double bang for the buck.
Report back from the London conference.

Sounds like considerably more progress was made than at Copenhagen, so I expect to see a lot of Green pressure coming in before the October meeting in Japan.

The economic clout of ecology is starting to be felt, and that is a lot more profitable (and therefore generating a lot more interest) than all that faffing around with CO2 statistics.

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