Binyam Mohammed - Homecoming hero

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Feb 23, 2009.

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    ...has arrived er, 'home' from the Great Satan's clutches, to the applause and cheers of a significant percentage of the British population. Here's the statement he made on arrival:

    This statement makes no mention, of course, of the ludicrous, trumped-up charges dreamed up by the CIA and MI5 in order to fill their jails with innocent people for their own dark purposes. These can be found here.

    Actually, I think the Colombia 3 at least had the imagination to try using a cover story; birdwatching in a high-risk area while travelling on false passports. This twat hasn’t even used his time inside to think one up. I believe he should be sentenced to a lifetime of benefit on a council estate. That’ll teach him.
  2. No doubt a huge claim for compensation is forthcoming, to be followed by a book, and a C4 drama.

    He is just misunderstood.
  3. Well, aren't we the lucky ones? This 'UK resident' (new status?) has decided that he should come back here despite not being a UK citizen (a status which I understand). I am sure that we will provide him with adequate accommodation - sufficiently large for his extended family when they join him. Newspapers will want to give him a shed load of money for his story and he will get legal aid to pursue a claim for compensation against HMG in case we had any of our chaps within a couple of miles of an airport which had flights to Cuba. We are lucky that he didn't decide to go back to Somalia.
  4. What's wrong with sticking them on a Herc and opening the back door at 20,000 ft over the Atlantic? If they'd done that a few years ago then this would never have come to light!
  5. In my war I believe that they did something similar. Pity it was caught on camera.
  6. Errr, since when was Britain this mans "home"?
    Funny how we are obliged to accept the dregs and freeloaders of the world at vast expense.
  7. Once Cherie Booth QC gets in on the act he will be safe and set up for life. At our expense. He was only a British resident FFS.
    Makes me proud to be English.

    When will the revolution start ?

  8. For someone who is in "neither physically nor mentally capable of facing the media" after his "ordeal", i find it interesting how he knew he was in Morrocco...

    I heard his guard detail were also very accommodating during his flight!
  9. should have shot him insead of arresting him. Thank you Barrack Obama for shutting down this magnficent jail and thank you to all arrsers who supported Mr Obama under the caveat that he was going to make the world a better place....

    i think that we should re-start the NF and have a civil war.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    On what grounds? There is a reason they have had to let him go.

  11. Well, I'll happily contribute a couple of pounds towards booking him on the next flight back to Ethiopia. Better that than the lifetime of benefits, housing and all the other cash that will be thrown at him and his extended clan once the Home Office grants him permanent residency. Anyone else got any spare change behind the sofa?
  12. they KNOW that he has done wrong, however they let him go due to lack of evidence.

    things regarding terrorism/terrorists should not fall under the same laws as crime. anyone who commits or plans to commt an act of terrorism or supports those who commit or plan to commit an act of terror should be punished without trial.

    obviously there should be a degree of restraint regarding this to prevent prejudice and discrimination and so a board of officers should be provided the evidence and decide whether the said individual is guilty or not.

    all of this PC is being played on by terry terrorist and is a blatant kink in our armour. it should be removed for the purpose of purging terrorism from this world less we continue to repeat history again and again and again.

    regarding this matter specifically, there should have been a British representative who stood there and told him to F*CK OFF and go back to Afghan where he CHOSE to reside.
  13. He's still a suspect, hence why he was cautioned under the Terrorist Act on his arrival, and his activities are being investigated by British Police.

    He isn't a martyr of any form yet, merely a politcal tool being used to show the world that terrorists can be investigated through legal means.

    But of course, film makers have their cheque books at the ready...
  14. Yeah, sounds like a plan.

    All hail democracy and justice, eh?

  15. Really? Apart from the willingness of the Authorties here to completely misuse legisation demanded by the Government to "protect" us from such Terrs do you really think that such an approach will actually work? Dead Terrs are maryers to the cause. Terrs banged up and rotting in jail for 30 plus years after being charged and found guilty on criminals charges are just criminals. Nothing wonderful about being in nick as a common or garden criminal. No "special status", no nothing just a murderer.

    Changing our law system just to deal with such terrs is a victory to the terrs. NOT a win for us.

    Apart from that. WTF is that sod doing coming back here? Apart from One eye bending and taking it just to please his new owner