Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ADUX, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone recommend a decent pair of binos for exercise and general use please, they don't need to be Gestapo strength. Cheers.
  2. Silvermans sell a pair of mini-binos with graticles - I've had a pair for years. The new model has a better hinge in the middle - £150; not cheap but very good quality.
  3. I find that stolen ones are as good as the next.
  4. I have a £12.99 Barska monocular I bought from Cotswold with a 10% discount. It's 12x25, rubber-armoured, waterproof and compact. It does everything a monocular needs to do, and at that price, it doesn't really matter if I break it, or it gets nicked.
  5. And if not, just steal another pair.
  6. Pentax Corp - 10x21.

    Bought them for watching the ships between Ryde and Potsmouth. Small compact set that will fit in your pocket and more clarity than the larger frames. They run out at about £50.

    Recommended mate. Don't lose the protective caps, they are £11 per pair.


    Edited - might have gone up by a few pounds but well on the money.
  7. On the front of the Bino's 10xUCFR
  8. Swarovski 7x42 Habicht. The image is better than the real world. No, seriously. Green rubber armoured. Yours for £429.
    Total lifetime warranty.
    Twilight performance is mindblowing.

    Unless you lose them you will never need to buy another pair and they will bring you pleasure every time you raise them to your eyes. Zeiss are as good but I don't believe you can buy better.

    I have no connection with the Company other than as a satisfied customer. (And mine cost well over £500 three years ago!)

    Get some here:
  9. I was walking down to the seafront with the kids and I clocked the headline in the Daily Mail. We sat on Ryde beach and I told them I could see a woman, through my bino's, sitting on Southsea eating a bag of chips and reading a newspaper.
    " So what does the newspaper say" ? the older one asked with a certain amount of scorn. So I gave them the headline.

    On the way back to the house, via the newsagents, I heard the youngest one say, " He's right, look at this Mxxxxx "
  10. Nice one! :D
  11. I am still giggling...
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Anything by Steiner, buy them in the US they are ridiculously cheap. For quality go with Leica/Swarovski, for Value steiner 8x30s.
  13. For quality binos, there are only 3 brands worth bothering with: Leica, Swarovski and Zeiss.

    All are roughly the same in terms of quality and price. Price, of course, is the major barrier to purchase at this end of the market.

    For "best" binos, expect to spend and arm and a leg, whatever model you go for. Maybe both legs. But boy, is it worth it.

    Getting good and cheap with optics is very difficult. I wouldn't bother with any binos costing less than, say, £80 as the image quality just won't be worth bothering with.

    Best "budget" binos, for my money are Steiner. Try the Safari 8x32, a good compromise of size, weight, durability and quality.