A firm called Russian Military used to do a range of cheap binos from small ones up to Panzer Commander size ones.

Pretty cheap as well.

Just search in the UK for Russian Military


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Is there anyone who can put graticules on civvy binos - REME types?


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Mine are steiner too, but civvy 8x30 (here)
If anyone knows of a technical type with the know how/tools to do this I'd be beer grateful.
I actually retail binoculars in Salisbury and a couple of years ago tried to get Opticron to make me some with a Mils graticule plate in but sadly the cost of re-tooling to make room for the plate was far too expensive.
Ziess will supply their individual eye focus 8x30 with two types of graticules (horizontal & horizontal + vertical) but here I think the last pair I sold was about £680 ish, and even then I had to get Zeiss to "nick" a pair from a batch destined for the UAE. I did get them back in a p/x for a pair of Swarovski's but they stayed in the shop for about two years only venturing out for the Bisley Service Rifle meeting, :D we had trouble selling them because they had graticules in!
I think Weaver my have a bino with graticules in and from memory I think I looked at a pair last March but can not remember if they ever imported them.
PM me if you want me to look into this any further.
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