Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Hugh_Jardon, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. Need a pair of binoculars or a monocular- got to be at least x6, preferably armoured. Vehicle spotting for the use of. Don't really want to spend more than £25-30, must be infantry-proof. Any help appreciated
    And opinions on which are better, monoculars or binos?

  2. Monocular is the way ahead then. I find most of my (Cheapy) binos have come a cropper due to the bendy bit in the middle.

    You ain't going to get a set of armoured all singing all dancing for that anyway.

    My current set I got from NAAFI/Spar free with some purchases. I also got an exact duplicate from a Spar ata petrol station, both for about a fiver. THey do the job, and if they break, I am not taht worried!!!!!

    Most of the small binos if broke can struggle on as a monocular anyway.
  3. are absolutely superb. Quite a bit cheaper than brands of similar quality, and they do loads of waterproof models (which you'll clearly want).

    I got a friend some compact ones for about £120, the clarity is amazing, and they're waterproof/rubber coated.
  4. You won't get anything other than toy binoculars or monocular for £25-30.
    Best be would be get some good, older, second hand ones.

    A pair of these:
    are surprisingly good and can be picked up cheap. Make sure they're clean internally though because you'll struggle to get them re-aligned properly if you have to strip them to clean them.

    There were some quite good Russian monoculars on the market a few years back that were cheap but I haven't seen them for a good while.

    If you want a modern pair of good quality binoculars expect to pay £200 and up for new ones. I have 7x42 Swarovskis that are absolutely superb. You can pick out a rabbit at 200 yds in moonlight - but they cost £550!

    Of course signing a pair out is the best option.

    Stop press!

    Bargain - great quality - budget price, just what you want!

    More Zeiss bargains here:
  5. Cheers for that mate. Funny thing is, I actually have an exact similar pair to that! Sorry, I should have qualified in my original post- I want something that is small, compact enough for a smock pocket.

    Timpatient- Thanks, I'll definitely have a look at that site. :)
  6. If you've got a pair of Zeiss bino's you may be shocked at the image from a pair of cheap compact binos!

    There is an awful lot of rubbish out there!
  7. Mini binos are very poor compared to a real pair of binoculars better off
    sticking to susat imho.Unless you spend serious money .
  8. I've got a superb pair of mini bino's - fit in your pocket. Pentax 10x UCFR

    Cost me about £45 - don't lose the caps - £11 a set. They are the dog's bxxxxxxx
  9. I got hold of a rubber coated hunting monocular off ebay a couple of years back. Been dropped several times and still work great. Only around the £15 mark aswell.
  10. If you're SUSAT equipped, a monocular is probab;y better as the magnification and objective lens are usually substantially better. I had a rubber coated one 30x15 and carried it in my webbing. Made a hell of a difference on ground appreciations, target location, etc., where SUSAT didn't bring up sufficent detail.

    Edited to get magnification and objective lens size the right way round.
  11. Dont confuse 'Carl Zeiss Jena' with 'Carl Zeiss', they split after the war jena is old DDR, as Praktica, (both the same), Carl Ziess was West German. Jena reasonable optics, cheap and robust, Carl Zeiss, stunning optics, will cost a small fortune, will outlive you!
  12. I would venture that the East German "Jena" Zeiss items are still likely to be better than most of the current Chinese cr4p.

    I might be wrong!
  13. Can vouch for the Praktika kit - still have my old SLR camera, been dropped, bashed etc and still going. One of the best manual focus jobs I've ever used, and the optical quality is the dog's danglies. Just heavy, ugly and without the whizzy bits. If I had to go somewhere wet and muddy, I'd leave the F60 at home and take the Praktika.
  14. I would generally favour binos over monos due to the better brightness, depth of field and viewing area.

    Obviously, spotting vehicles is not really a demanding task for most binos compared with, say, looking for a sniper.

    Still, I concur that spending less than £50 on optics - any optics - is just a recipe for frustration: remember, whatever the price, it's not good value if they don't work!

    I currently use Leica 8x50s which cost and arm and a leg (OK, both legs). They are great, but every time I get mud, blood or anything else on them I want to cry.

    In the cheaper price brackets, I have had good service from Steiner "Safari" 8x32, which are available for about £90. They are compact and robust and give a good image for their size.

    Also, try Warehouse Express (they have a website). They currently have 60% off the Nikon "Action" range which has a good reputation and is available in 7x30 or 8x40 both for £49. Good be a good bet.
  15. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    hugh, whereabouts are you? the reason I ask is that the last time I went to the new smithfield car boot in manchester there was a bloke there with a mountain of Tasco gear that he'd picked up from somewhere - not current kit, but all brand new in the box - he was knocking out 50x spotting scopes for £50, and I got a nice pair of 7X35 Zip Focus bino's off him for £15.
    only thing is, I asked for the camo ones... they look like a kids toy. They'd make me look a right plonker, if I didnt already look like one. :(