Binoculars No2 Mk3

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Retd_crab, May 28, 2010.

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  1. Are these out of service now? You know the old brass binos with dimply black hand grips. Graticules in right eye in Deg but good enough to approximate in 5.10 mils etc.

    Seen a few coming up on flebay and quite fancy a pair for when out walking, maybe teach RC junior how to predict grids etc.
    Any tips on which were better Kershaws, Taylor-Hobbs etc appreciated


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  2. Still in service (my unit at least). Most of ours are Kershaw and very battered now. Frankly, there's better out there for only a little money more - try the ex German ones on Ebay.
  3. I have a set on my desk, found in a surplus store. No makers name visible.

    S/N 333696 in case some one is missing a set !
  4. I have a couple of pairs of these, think they are the same model anyway. Paid £5 for one, was given the other. Both need a strip and a clean really. I use my Swarovskis so the poor darlings languish as paperweights......
  5. Got a few sets in my range box.
  6. Will check out the German ones, only have experienced the British ones, so I have naturally gravitated towards them. Its the graticules I am looking for and ones I can equate to a 6400ml circle as opposed to 6000 mils. About £10-15 range with clean optics.
  7. These ones?

    Seriously can you send a link or manufacturer name cos I'd quite like an alternative to the massive issued ones
  8. Try these
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Good field binos do exist. I use 8x30 Steiners!
  10. Am I missing something, or is 600 quid a tad expensive for field binos?
  11. You must be still getting your Bounty ExS at those prices.
    London Jock The German ones dont appear to have graticules.

    Anyone know of another make with graticules and cheapish. Good enough to measure the width of a wood at 5k, but dont need to be able to identify which variety of bird is in the tree (at 5km)
  12. You don't miss anything when you're using them. They are superb. THe quality has to be seen to be believed. The low light capability is exceptional too.

    If you consider that they are guaranteed for life (and they really mean that) then over a period of ownership of say 40 years they only cost £15 a year. You'd get through a lot of cheap binoculars over that period so you might as well have the quality if you can front the cash just once.

    I bought mine after a fairly lucrative contract in the middle east. I didn't pay that much for them though. - about £520.
  13. The wife would go mad if i spent that much - even if I was still serving!
  14. Well I'm afraid that your domestic situation doesn't alter my recommendation :)