Binning CS95s

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by not_a_real_soldier, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. I've heard a fair few rumours about the Army binning CS95s for day to day use and returning to barrack dress or lightweights. Any truth to these rumours? I know this is already happeneing in quite a lot of places, but not officially. Personally I'd love to see the return of OGs for barrack wear and leave the special IRR and whatever stuff for use in the field. So is this just another rumour, or is it happening? Not that this affects me now, being all of 16 years old, but in the future when I (possibly) join up, it will. Cheers.
  2. and the do i join or not join dilemas includes what gear will i get to wear???
    sitting here shaking my head........... ballix!
  3. I'm not sure about this but OG 95 pattern dress may have been proposed. The eppaulettes may return to the shoulders and jumpers will be worn again?

    Not complete scrapping, but additional clothing for work/indoor environment.
  4. Wooly Pullys??? No thanks. I fcuking hated them things. Although Green shirts looked smarter in the summer etc.
  5. At no point did I ever suggest that. I've already 'got the gear' (being a cadet), if all I was interested in was the kit I could just buy it all and spend my life wandering around military shows weating it like a sad walt. But I'd rather not.
  6. Funny - i heard last week that CS95 kit was being dropped and a return to (if not updated) Barrack Dress and Working Dress.

    Jolly good show!

  7. I know of units already in Jumpers. 2RGJ for example. cs95 underneath though. looks toss.
  8. Hmm isn't "barrack dress" with the bottle green plastic trousers that go shiny after awhile, like the RAF have? And working dress is with the lightweights? If so then it should definitely be working dress resurrected, like the current RN seagoing rig.

    Being TA and only getting 2 sets of shirts and trousers and 1 jacket, 1 pr of boots issued, its annoying after being on exercise when you then get into camp and have nothing clean to put on. Having to duck around in dirty kit trying to not get caught, whilst you wait for only 1 suit to get back to you from the laundry. Not an issue on the average weekend but on annual camp or a course or something else that goes on for awhile, you just end up ruining your "best" set in the field and then stuck in scruff order in camp!

    I don't know if its different with regs getting issued more suits so they can divvy them up between field and camp use, but even if you do, as the 95s for camp use arent taken in the field why not working dress instead? Cheaper, smarter and you might just keep the IRR dyes in your field clothing!
  9. FADs (Future Army Dress) has new No2 dress and a new barrack dress (OG with a blouson waterproof Jkt)

    As part of FADs OP Pegasus will replace No 8 dress (CS95) with a digital camouflage combat suit (with hood)

    I’ve seen the No 2 Dress it’s awful, I haven’t seen any of the others

    The No 2 dress is issued Pte to 1* so no more Officers buying SD

    Its deployment has just been delayed due to supply issues

    No visibility on the Combat dress yet but I believe some Btn are trialling it
  10. Digital camouflage? Does that mean we have to get rid of any DPM 'gucci kit'? Or indeed ANYTHING we have now (as no one has got this new cam yet)?
  11. Anyone got any info on this new digital combat suit?????
  12. Check out the date.......
  13. I see the new 'Barrack Dress' in DMSTC is lightweight Trousers (Minus Map Pocket), no Twisters, No 2 shirt and Tie, Wolly Pully Jumper. But then again i'm not sure if thats because its a training establishment.
  14. Right, why would you love to see the return of lightweights? Working dress, if you did any work in them they would stain very easily and would crease if you looked at them. Working on any sort of vehicles even with covvies on resulted in oil/grease/coolant stains which stood out and are impossible to get rid of. It was just as hard trying to exchange lightweights as it is 95 kit before anybody goes down that path. OGs were a pain in the arrse and I, along with pretty much everybody else in my Sqn, were very happy when 95 became standard working dress. Rant over.

    As a replacement for 95 kit I think tropics are a viable option. Hard wearing, durable and smart. When on tour/exercise I always wear these and I've never managed to trash a set, even after 3 back to back tours (Afghanistan, Canada,Kosovo) and two tours before that. I'm not some clerk who sits in an office all day either, I was out on site pretty much every day.

    Where is that training regt you are on about? Lightweights with out twisters etc? That sound either like a medical place or somewhere with lots of cav or arty officers!!
  15. Defence Medical Services Training Centre (DMSTC) @ Keogh Barracks