Binned Topic "Thought Police"

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by StumpyHussar, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Why the hell have you shoved my thread in the Arrsehole? I thought it was a valid question for debate. It's now read only so no one can add to it (or me amend crap spelling).

    Something is going on with this site, are you so dependant on outside subscription that the Naffi bar cannot be what it says?

    Perhaps I should start another thread about 49 Para and you'd let that through because it's so funny :?
  2. It was probably because, although you are clearly not a supporter of windows graphics file extensions, it is the sort of thread that even the editor of Bunty could use to make the whole of the British Military appear racist.
  3. Or maybe the moderator is anti-Cherrypicker?
  4. Now that's funny :D But why stifle the thread Spliff? This is supposed to be a place to go and vent your spleen if you need to the only place you can on the web that I've found. And you can do it in the army way where no-one gives a toss. Why do you think it's racisist? You must be quick cos this will be deleted soon.
  5. Mate, that will go right over his head (as it did mine until I looked at the thread)

    What, pray tell, are the policies of the BMP, my vertically and in all likelihood, horizontally challenged tanker. Well I think I meant tanker.
  6. That's just jealousY matey we can't all wear crimson with pride :D
  7. I beg to differ. There are a LOT of Officers who love to wear crimson trousers.
  8. You lot were trg regt when I was at Cambrai. You've no idea how glad I was to be told the worst I would have to wear was a green beret with a green silk band on it.

    Mind you I suppose crimson would look ok if you were allowed to wear a belt with it?

    na na na na na.