Binned before I even get there?

Hi, I'm hoping one or two of you may be able to help me...

I'm trying to get my AOSB done next month, and having sent off all my forms, along with a letter about a date, I got a seperate letter reading the following:

'(Your GP) has declared that you have a history of recurrent knee problems and I am writing to you to advise you that there is some concern about this condition.

When you attend AOSB this will be addressed at the medical.'

Now to me, that sounds as if it'll be one of those 'needn't have bothered walking throught the door' jobs. The pain I've had is some pain in my left knee that happened about 5 years ago but I havent heard from it since, and the other's an 'anterior knee pain', which apparently was jogger's knee but with physio and a decent pair of trainers that's pretty much sorted itself out. But at the same time I'm well aware of the fact that as an infantryman knees are pretty important things.. And it doesnt help when your GP specifies that the pain occurred while: Kneeling, squatting, running and trekking. My question is, do you guys reckon I'm already binned before I even show up?

Panic not. Step away from the keyboard. Go outside. Have a cup of tea. Re-read the letter 'this will be addressed at the medical'. Exhale. Relax. Regain positive attitude. Return indoors.

I am kind of worried about that too.. m left knee has been giving me problems. I have been to the GP once but I dont want to go again for the sake of it being raised when I apply.. dilema.. hopefully it will get better on its own.

Knees are the one thing they spend a lot of time looking at, due to the stresses placed on them at RMAS, the doctor will take a lot of time insuring you will be ok for the commissioning cause. If anything is going to come of it then it will happen there, there’s not much you can do to prepare for it, just take it easy on your knees and see how it goes.
It's ASTONISHINGLY important that your knees are in good nick when you head to RMAS. They'll get an absolute pounding there.
Chuff said:
Do you guys reckon its worth forking out for gait analysis to see whats causing it?
Yes.. but before you do that.. go to a good running store and explain your problem to one of the staff. I was getting killer shin and ankle pain and I went into a running shop and the guy told me I had been wearing the wrong kind of shoe.. I had wrongly self perscribed a problem with my gait. He set me up with a new pair which were great and problems are all gone 2 weeks and 80 quid later (worth it though).


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