Binman awarded £57k for knee injury

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dave8307, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. Fire up the outrage bus.......


    Is it POL'd?? Tyres OK??

    All aboard, then
  2. "Speaking today, Mr Shambrook said the fall, in July 2005, had caused him a great deal of distress".

    Fecking looks like it with that big fecking smile on his boat ! Wot a cnut !

    Typical of this joke government ! :x :x
  3. See what this silly bitch wrote:

    Apparently we get to 'choose' - wish somebody would've told me...
  4. to be fair sounds about right for his injury 15 months off work binned from his job having to take a lower paid job.

    Don't soldiers as well as a lump sum get a pension as well ?
    still think the lump sum should be higher.
  5. At least someone had to put it all in perspective

  6. Not really suprising is it? The TV is full of adverts "Had an accident? Well sit back and let compensation set in!" The world is full of bleeding hearts, most of which support the wrong cause. Not saying bin men don't do a good job, although why they removed a bin bag from my wheely bin because it was stopping the lid closing properly, then emptied the bin and left the bag next to it, is beyond my limited comprehension :x :x . But thats another matter. No one would begrudge a payout like this if standards were fairly and consistantly applied. He was off work, lost his job, fair enough compensation, but people get annoyed at the disproportionate sums given to people when others get nothing. And seeing as this is the NAAFI I'd better throw a few fcuks and cnuts in before it becomes too sensible.
  8. "He has needed two operations on his shoulder and been forced to take 15 months off work and cannot lift heavy weights or even swim. "

    Perhaps he should take a look at BBC's 'Wounded' and see how the real world is. Hope he's proud!

    And Seb, you'd be surprised at how much they get paid - not decrying that by any means as they do a job that most wouldn't.
  9. its reasonably well paid for unskilled manual work.

    Using it as an excuse to go soldier A deserves more Exactly right. claiming the poor sod should get nothing just being mean
  10. BH I presume that made sense when you were typing? :D
  12. The trouble with that newspaper report is that it doesn't tell you much about the bloke and the newspaper is inviting you to fill it in as you see fit. Putting up a picture of him grinning and then comparing his award tariff to what a soldier gets is just making the bloke out to be a grasping bell-end.

    This might be true. He might be the skivingest knob-gobbler on the planet. On the other hand, he may be a bloke who's worked all his life, fcuked himself up on the job and has banged in a claim. I don't know enough about him to make the judgement, but all of his comments in the article made him seem like an OK bloke.

    Lads and lasses who get hurt overseas should get looked after properly. A lump sum and good medical care for however long they need it is not a lot to ask for, but that paper shouldn't be picking on some poor cu-nt of a binman to make the point.

    Right i'm off to buy a coffee. What, £1.40!!!!! That £1.40 could be used to buy an additional sandbag to protect our boys. It's a fcuking disgrace!!!
  13. Fair play to the bloke. When civil servant typists have poorly wrists and get payouts of over £300k I can hardly whine at someone who empties bins for a living getting a bit back.