Binge Drinking? Is it a real issue or just hype?

All this talk of binge drinking and its cause and effect is really starting to bore me. I am however delighted on the imminent change in licensing laws. For once I believe in something that we are doing to become more in line with Europe! How many of us can remember in Germany bars that were open 8am til 8pm and then the same guy would walk across the road and open 8pm til 8 am!!! Fantastic, any trouble............ yes sometimes but only from the same 2 can Dans that would kick off anyway regardless of how long they had been drinking. Bringing in new licensing laws for "potential" 24 hour drinking will at least stop the muppets form thinking "shit its half 10 best get half a gallon down my neck" only to realise that they can't handle it. Did it not used to be the case that in the army we only had a weekend off drinking?!?!?!? Wed sports afternoon til Monday first parade, if you weren't down the MRS with a suspiciously itchy groin lmao.
An old yorkshire open ended saying "If Tha cant sup it......................!"
I live in Brigg Nth Lincs, as I have posted before it has been deemed to have the highest reate of pubs per head in the whole country, there are many ex squads, contractors etc that all live in the town and remarkebly the majority of us like to go out on the lash, but the only problems come from pi55ed up football knobbers when they lose (as anywhere) ,young chavs that dont get in the pubs and just harrass you on your way home or pikeys.
A Binge Drinker by definition is.

Dr. Henry Wechsler, the primary researcher, has popularized the term binge drinker. The definition of a binge drinker is a male who has 5 or more drinks in a single setting within a 2-week period of time or a female who has 4 or more drinks in a single setting within a 2-week period of time. The term frequent binge drinker is an individual who engages in the above frequency of drinking 3 or more times within a 2-week period of time.

I think the majority of users of this site, including myself all fall into this category, are we bad people? NO Do we end up fighting every time we go out and mugging old ladies? NO Do we go out robbing cars and joyriding? No

Thats because,we are normal people engaging in a normal activity of having a few beers, something which has been going on for centuries, who is anyone to label us.

Anyone else feel the same ?
You need to see Leamington Town centre on a Saturday night. Binge drinking exists, but at what level, needs looking at.
"s*** its half 10 best get half a gallon down my neck"
It's the spastics that think like that who are the problem, unfortunately they seem to be if not the majority of the British drinking population, then a very sizable minority.
6 of one, 1/2 doz. of the other.

The 11 o'clock chug & 11:20 kicking out time is what causes large swathes of the drunken violence in the UK. It results in people necking that one pint too much, too quickly, and then everyone spilling out onto the streets in that state at the same time. Stagger the closing times, reduce the problems. Close really late, and people will have got bored & tired & will have gone home, and will not have chugged that extra one at last orders.

I just don't see the drunken violence here in NL; there's the odd drunkard around, and the odd stoner, but not the 11:30 chavfest that I used to see in the UK. A change to 24hr opening will not engender a southern-european café culture, but it might engender a German Kneipe culture....

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