Binge-Drink Teen Left Hospital Bed For Pub

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Archangel, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. When he lies his face turns yellow, apparently.
  2. This bell end better not get a liver. He'll just need another transplant 5 years down the line

    I think it's about time hospitals went private. Why should we foot the bill for some tw@t when people like myself eat based on health and do regular exercise. Socialism = not cool
  3. All I could think about was, what a complete tosser,
    followed quickly by mmmmmmm liver and onions, wonder what the other half is doing for supper.
  4. He said "I don't know why I did it, I just walked out and walked across to the pub." 8O

    We'll we've all done that I expect ... me included (which is probably why I'm a martyr to the gout! :oops: ) But I never did it straight from the liver transplant ward with a flaming IV drip hanging out of my arm!!
  5. Amateur. :wink:
  6. a sever lack of comms between daddy and sonny.

    there are however many many deserving and sober people waiting on a transplant
  7. Yes ... must try harder :lol:
  8. Its stories like this that make you wonder why the NHS exists. At least in the U.S., this good for nothing t*at would die, which is what he deserves. I have no sympathy for people who inflict terminal conditions on themselves. There are plenty of people who need liver transplants who are not alcoholics, I dont care how old this boy is.
  9. I say well done.

    Even if the only good he is ever going to do is act as fertiliser for cemetery flowers, if I was given 2 weeks to live, and my last chance was the courts handing me back to the NHS...

    I'd be in the pub every chance I'd get.
  10. Please can some one explain how a lad of his age can get the cash to bugger his liver?
  11. I just hope it hurts. :x
  12. I think he just had a few cans and mulled it over. :roll:
  13. Good question, because he looks like someone who is hard working, honest and not a dodgy sponger at all.

    I doubt he'd be claiming everything he could get his scabby little hands on, or steal, sell drugs, or be in any way an upstanding member of this great land we live in.
  14. Why not give the little turd the liver transplant, then he can live to a ripe old age on benefits paid by our taxes and every now and again he could have a holiday / guest appearance on the Jeremy Kyle (I hate that smarmy fecker :x ) Show and tell the rest of the UK how he is trying to turn his life around, he didnt mean to get those 4 different women pregnant and he is trying to get off drugs blah blah...