Binary Watch

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Merlin745, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. Binary Watch

    DarthDoctrinus will be posting a review on here shortly :D
  2. Merlin - it's what every good soldier wants for Xmas!

    Not shure about its utility when you wake up, bleary-eyed and thick-headed after a large one the night before, and can't work out if you're late for First Parade or not!

    Binary with a hangover - doesn't bear thinking about! :D
  3. Does it show the date as well,now that would be a big watch!!
  4. Being the geek that I was during Uni, i could read binary fairly quickly, couldn't do it now, but also have to agree with DD, having to do that with a hangover doesn't warrent thinking about!
  5. Could be made easier if the date was in 'Julian' format. But then we would all have to know how to read a 'Julian' date.

    I'm not even sure if 'Julian' is the correct word let alone read the format. But I am sure someone here knows what I mean.

  6. I am up for 1 as long as its got a stopwatch on it So I can see how fast I am running
  7. You can read binary that fast - - Wow 10001110101010001010010000010101010111111110100000011110000001

  8. No mate other way round,I don't do much running!
  9. Gotcha . .
  10. I've got double vision, I will never get out of bed !!
  11. there is only 10 people who understand binary!
  12. Or, one could always carry a time candle calibrated so that burn time = actual time.
  13. who are the other 1001 ?
  14. If you need a watch with the date on to time your runs, you're either running too slow or too long. :)
  15. How to annoy people with binary :lol: