Bin laden to address the US in the next 72 hours

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Devil_Dog, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Makes me wonder. This guy is not dumb (if he was he would be dead by now.) What is the deeper significance of releasing a tape that will only enbolden the American people and raise support for the war? Especially around a nation unifying date like 9/11?

    Is this part of his strategy? Remember in '04 he released a tape right before the US elections. He knew it would help Bush and it did.

    I fear, his long term plan is to slow-bleed the US. The longer he can keep us over there, the weaker we will get maybe?
  2. Attenuate the enemy's forces and kill him more easily. He seeks to taunt his enemy to provoke a response. The more rapid, violent and ill-judged the response to satisfy American public outrage, the more strategic value it has for him.

    American politicians are not the brightest of ceatures and just love knee-jerk gestures. Bin Laden knows it and will play them for all they are worth.
  3. Iolis wrote:

    Yup. Extremist politics is all about recruitment as most people aren't naturally extremist (unless they have no hope).

    It's like groups like the SWP. They'd link arms behind normal peeps at a demo e.g a nurse's strike, and push them onto plod knowing at least one of the coppers would lose his temper and start whacking people. Provoke a response, get people whacked, whacked people join your crew.
  4. Who really cares what he has to say. He's a "non-factor" at this point and any search for him is simply symbolic.

    Most Americans could give a toss about anything he has to say.
  5. ghost_us, you will be surprised. Don't be shocked if this is a boon for Bush and it will probably give him the extra momentum to convince congress of the need to maintain the surge.

    Bin Laden just bought the neocons the extra time they needed to see the war into the next presidency.

    Bin Laden is not a non-factor. Never has been, never will be even after he permanently leaves the scene. It is not what he has to say. It's the effect of what he has to say.
  6. Sponsored by the makers of Grecian 2000? Perhaps it's nothing more than a hair dye advertisement.
  7. Probably saw Fred Thompson on Leno last night and thought he should throw his turban into the ring too.
  8. the man is oviously clever in what he is doing..
    HE MAY BE A ****..
    but he is a clever one..
  9. The Iraq war is the best thing that ever happened for Muslim extremists, and Bin Laden is just playing on this.

  10. He is certainly not a non factor, but someone who has had a huge impact in the Islamic world and probably the most influential person of of this century. Whether he has an actual 'hand on' role now is not important, he is the iconic figurehead of Islam's jihad and them standing up to the West and his messages will get under the skin of the Americans, taunt them and stick two fingers up BUT rallys the fanatical muslims and gives them a boost and something to believe in.
  11. Is this because we failed to catch or kill him? Don't you think the extremists look at Osama and think how incompetent and powerless the US is? Not even capable of catching or killing the guy who planned 9/11!

    Wether you like it or not, he is a significant rallying point for the Terrorists.
  12. Does it matter if OBL is caught by the Septics or if by god, SF from our little island.
    The B*shes have made their money in one way or another from OBL's familly either through O*L or other companies in the middle east.
    Of course the TWA agencies know where he is. We are not that daft? With all the techno gizmos the septics have i am sure OBL is in the witness protection program working in a KFC in Buttsville!
  13. Would it be appropriate to post the video here?

    Or would it fall foul of site rules?